Tuesday, July 31, 2012


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[We turned 33 this day, there was a big slashy "X" here...we removed it September 5th, 2012...because we feel we had a bunch of false blog hits from Google Image Searches]

Monday, July 30, 2012

An Untitled Two Days

We took a couple of days off from the social media outlets.
Sometimes one just needs to disconnect from the computer.
It felt good, for the most part, but there were times it didn't.
We'll get back at it now, and return to the other feeling of normal dysfunction.

James probably enjoyed it, all the extra time together, watching home improvement shows with us (which we love), dreaming out loud to each other about the property we're waiting for the price to drop on, again, so we can put in an offer, again. Some days it feels like we are losing our mind with anticipation. There are things that need to be done to the property to even make it habitable before the cold weather hits (three months or less).

Also, as much as we appreciate The Mother letting us stay in her basement the last couple of months, we are ready to start our life with James, and he with us...and it doesn't feel like that is happening properly.

It's hard when you found the place that feels like home, for all involved, and there are road blocks. We could of course look for something else, but as long as the property is on the market, available, our hearts will only be there.

The property is two months on the market now, with no movement other than a price drop (and we expect another in a weeks time). The bank that holds the foreclosure just doesn't want to budge, even though we are clearly the only ones insane enough to want to buy a property that needs that much work, for all intents and purpose of modern people, in the middle of nowhere; and also in a (local) market that is stagnant

(which reminds us of this cartoon, posted to Facebook by our buddy, poet, writer, and professor, Charles Bivona [http://charlesbivona.com/]).

But, that non-humorous reality aside (and to not incite a debate)...

The old adage, third time's the charm...hopefully applies to this next house offer we wait to prepare, as we continue to breath, focus on a future of happiness, and work on a virtue we've never been good at fostering...patience.

Oh, yeah...and tomorrow (the 31st) at least one of us turns 33 years old.

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Mirror

Can't even look in the mirror tonight without crying. I hate our face.

Somewhere today, which started out amazing, it went so-so-SO wrong.

He's right.

We shouldn't have started drinking when we felt it all going awry...hours ago.

Damn it, I hate when he's right.

~C & C and et al

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Down With Twitter...What The Effi

Twitter is down, it's ours and James' anniversary...so obviously we're taking advantage of it...by listening to music and playing on the internet. (we're celebrating later)

We found this pretty cool band called Effi, and we wanted to share it with music lovers who visit our blog now and then. How did we find it? We have our ways, we listen to some of the most obscure shit. (so we've been told)


Effi is a German indie band/project (named after a novel) spearheaded by Thomas Petrich, whose music can be characterized by many genres, including electro-acoustic and swing. This was the first song we caught from the band, and obviously we had to go look for it on YouTube, which revealed this awesome (even though the lyrics are actually sad) and campy video.

Listen, watch, enjoy. Laugh. Bop your head. Don't be dead inside.

And then...

Listen to some samples from their new (2011) album, 'Astronaut', via Google play:
https://play.google.com/store/music/album?id=Bbu25ilrnj23vm2gulxbcget77q (we recommend Summer Sun and Happy) or
on YouTube, where you can listen to full version, some with video: http://www.youtube.com/artist/effi

Visit their spot on MySpace (yes, people still use that, primarily musicians): http://www.myspace.com/effimusic

Check them out on Facebook (yes, people still use that, primarily, most people):

...And/or buy a track or two of their work at your favourite place, we're not supporting them through a iTunes link, but you can find them on Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Astronaut/dp/B004L4HJQ4/ref=sr_shvl_album_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1343322114&sr=301-1 (we do not have an affiliate account)

...or, if you lack funds, you can always find a torrent (REALLY hard to find...so we've heard) and download it for free..to review...until you raise the funds to buy it legally. *cough*

Happy Thursday! Hope you found something fun to do while Twitter was down.

Maybe you checked out Google+ and found it's not such a remorseful place.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Does That Bitch Tweet...

Us. We're that bitch.

Or are we? (*whispers* we are...)

No "awesome" blog post about politics, guns, religion, mental health, etc.. today...today is all about Tweets. (we're written a lot about social media...here we go again.)

100,000 tweets! This blog post link, on Twitter, will mark 100,000 Tweets.

That's a pretty big milestone on Twitter, as far as milestones go. In under two years we're Tweeted our face off. Or have we?

Just like follower/following counts, which really mean nothing, tweet counts are also subjective, and do not represent all of personal contribution.

Out of 100%
- 53% RT's
- 32% @ Replies
which means only 15% of the content that comes out of our account is pure Tweets of our own, 3% of all Tweets have contained a link (we used to link to our blog a whole lot more, and share music links on Sundays), and 1% that have contained hashtags.

This rate has changed a lot over the past nearly two years, of course, and it adjusts day to day, week to week (before this past week the RT ratio was over 60%).

Where did we get that information anyway?

Follower Review (http://www.followerreview.com/) a fun little app/tool that enables you to review anyone on Twitter, including yourself and will also give you a followback ratio percentage. Ours ratio is 54%, but that's because nearly 100% of the people WE followback are active people (those who are humans, and have Tweeted at least once in the last month) - again...follower/following counts really mean nothing)

100,000 Tweets...or rather 15,000 tweets...(wow, it just FEELS like more than that)

But what did we tweet in those 15,000 nuggets of 140 characters or less, way back in the beginning?

Pretty soon we'll be able to find out, as Twitter is working on the ability to let its users access all of their old tweets (http://www.pcworld.com/article/259827/twitter_working_on_way_to_retrieve_old_tweets.html), Finally!

We can barely wait to find out what our first Tweet was way back in October of 2010 (seriously, we can wait, we have no idea what our first three months, which got us our first couple of thousand followers on Twitter, even entailed...but we're sure our first Tweet was uninspiring, as they usually are); But it will be interesting to be able to access them, any maybe refresh them and make them better...no?

53,000 RT'sTwitter has held some importance to us (a lot in 2011), as it does with many people who have used it as a tool to get through mental illness blips, family hardships, and life struggles, and the fact that we can supported the witty, gritty, and honest people who follow us, through RTing (a simple act that actually makes people happy), makes Twitter that much more fun.

What's the point of this blog post?
It's kinda fun (for us), especially since we wrote one for our 50,000 Tweets, last summer, and 50,000 was a benchmark that "got" us a man. (we're talking about James, of course...who we are celebrating our one year anniversary with tomorrow!)

Thanks to all who have stuck with us through all 100,000. You have turned Twitter into a place that feels like family.

We will try to not Twittercide all over this benchmark now. ;-)
Image Source

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Worshiping At The Flagpole of a False Idol

Amidst the outrage over the Aurora Colorado shooting by James Holmes this past week, there has been much speculation as to "why" this has happened. Pointing fingers, people blame guns/gun law, they blame movies and television, they blame, blame, blame...anything but themselves.

However, the most interesting (if you can call it that) blame we have come across is that of religion, or more specifically the lack of it; and while the people doing it are touting the responsibilities of humans, specifically non-believers, they are not taking any blame themselves.

The "religious-right" would have you blame abortion, blame secularism[1], blame growing gay marriage rights, and to put it in Dad's words..."...ask[ing] God to leave our country."

Yes, Dad, we quoted you, not to provoke, or attack, simply because it's a theme running through many opinion articles, reports, and comment sections of anything online related to the topic that we have read the last couple of days, and you summed it up nicely.

"We have asked God to leave our country."

But have "we", really?

First, as an ex-believer and a now non-believer, I was always under the impression that not only does God give you the choice to be a believer[2], but also states that punishment for choosing "wrong" will be in the afterlife, not punishment here on earth (until the very end, and we do not believe it is to be Revelations time). Of course, there are an equal amount of scriptures and verses to contradict those ideas of choice and punishment, and many other messages, as is the nature of the bible.

Blaming the secularists is probably what right-wing Christians; likely the same ones who want less government and taught freedom, but still want to govern your personal life, home and bed; and those who want to scare you and control you with religion would prefer you do. They persuade you into believing, into fear of  not, by using unfortunate outcomes of an overpopulated society at wits end with the way the government operates and controls its society, and the mistreatment of the human population; they want to homogenize the way of thinking for their advantage. It's what they would have you think, because they are afraid of being tempted by you, they are afraid of being wrong, and they are afraid of the unknown.

So, we've "asked" God to leave and now he is punishing "us" all with violent acts, performed by humans, that can easily be prevented/reduced with a little control of self, a little regulation of society, a little less universal hate, and a lot more universal love, tolerance and understanding. He's punishing "us" on earth for exercising the right to not follow him? Does that mean we won't have the aforementioned biblical punishment after life? He's not doing too many things to draw populous by creating fear.

But if you look closer, through a lens of scripture, you may find the root of the problem, and it's evil, if you so choose (and if you want to suspend reason and believe in God, of course).

The problem may actually be with the believers themselves.

Without even looking at statistics (which, yes, means we may be incorrect, but we doubt it, and we're willing to bet body parts on it), we're confident that most of the over-patriotic, flag loving, "God-fearing" citizens of the United States tend to be right-wing Christian Republicans. The same ones who tell you that all the evil, violence and bad things that happen in the United States is because you don't believe in their God; because you are okay with people marrying people they love romantically, no matter if they are a man or a woman; because you can accept that not everyone is capable of being a fit parent, sometimes bad things happen (rape, incest) and the fundamental human rights of an unwanted child are taken from them at birth, along with those of the woman who was denied her own freedom and rights; because instead of having your choices made by religious people, you choose to make your own choices. (That's called Freedom, by the way)

But lets get past those things, lets look at worship.

The first two commandments of the Ten Commandments of the bible clearly state you should have no other God, no other idol. They are so important that they are number one, and two, on a short list of requirements of being a decent person (according to the laws of Christianity).

Now, lets return to the over-patriotic, flag loving, "God-fearing" citizens of the United States. Worshipping their country, thinking it is better than an other country, holding it higher in importance than any other land, propping servitude to the country high in the air above almost anything else, being boastful about the country, putting what they think are its needs, as a whole, above those of the people who make up the country.

Reverent honour. Love. Devotion. Adoring regard. Allegiance. Ceremonious rendering.

Can you decipher those words between worship, and patriotism? Looks like the creation of a false idol of worship. If those words don't detail the worship of a false idol then I don't know what does.

Stand before the flag, devote yourself to the worship of the United States of America, in all it's glory.

In a country where even "the believers", (some might argue, the Christian government) encourage staunch consumerism, a worship of material wealth and money, "keeping up with the Joneses'" (Coveting, the breaking of a Ten Commandment).
Where Sunday afternoons you can find believers worshipping television, or working, or shopping, any number of non-religious activities (An unholy Sabbath day, and another Ten Commandment broken).
Where we will go to war with other countries, sometimes erroneously, and kill innocent* people (Though shall not kill...another Ten Commandment, broken).
And in a country where it's not illegal to lie, to bear false witness [Fact: It Is Not Illegal To Falsify News or Lie http://just-call-me-frank.blogspot.com/2012/06/fact-it-is-not-illegal-to-falsify-news.html] even about big things (another one of those commandments)...[3]

Those things break biblical rules, by the believers themselves; to say they have been broken by non-believers would be false, as religious rule applies only to those willing to adopt them as part of the religious path they choose. Those who have taken a stand for their choice, knowing the rules and guidelines set by their deity, and have broken them, are at faultm and therefore should cease pointing fingers at those who have chosen a different path, and take responsibility for the mixed messages they are feeding as example.

Perhaps it's not, in the end, a lack of God, or a banishment of him, but a mistreatment of the guidelines given to those who have chosen to follow Him; and even if it's is because "we" have asked God to leave our country; lets not even touch on the fact that is wholly arrogant that God views the world by country, and favours one over another; it is only those who have accepted him who have the power to deny him.

In addition, in the eyes of Him, a sinner, is a sinner, is a sinner, whether a non-believer or not, so to blame one group, over another, is ignorant.

Maybe it has nothing to do with a human contruction of religious ideals, created 2000 years ago based in mythologies far older than Christianity; maybe it has everything to do with humans being animals (a scientific classification based on set criteria**) with guns, with the capacity for higher-thinking and the ability to take responsibility, but the propensity to point fingers like children, and shroud ourselves in hate.

The bible teaches that God is patient and kind, yet teaches he is forceful and vengeful.
Teaches you killing is wrong, but to kill in his name is divine.
Teaches you that believing in him is a private and personal matter, yet calls for you to force upon others your personal beliefs.
Teaches you to love, and then to turn a cheek and hate people who are different (don't have the same beliefs).

Why would you want to worship a vengeful God anyway, if given the choice, peace, respect and responsibility to others seems, for me, a much more devin road.

Respect what other's believe, don't demonize them for their beliefs.

~ Frank et al

Please note: we don't believe in God, so this has simply been an exercise in thought and writing. As we do not beleive in God, we cannot at all think that God is punishing his believers, however, in the face that secularists are being blamed for all the ill in the world, then the argument above serves as just a valid hypothesis of blame.
These are the things that keep us up at night.

P.S. Dad, thanks for the inspiration, even if it wasn't the kind you hoped for, I love you, and even though we will never see eye to eye, you will always be our inspiration.


[1] Religious Right Blames Colorado Shootings on Evolution, Secularism and Abortion, The Examiner, Hugh Kramer, July 21, 2012 http://www.examiner.com/article/religious-right-blames-colorado-shootings-on-evolution-secularism-and-abortion

[2] Joshua 25:15, The Bible (choose your version) 'But if serving the LORD seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your forefathers served beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living.' [It should be noted that the message that they are trying to get across in this verse is that the only real Lord, is the Lord that the speaker/writer of this text believes to be the only true one, so any other worship is false, and non-existent, and you have basically choose not to believe in the 'one true Lord', and might as well be a non-believer in whole.]

[3] The Ten Commandments Listed, Gods Ten Laws, http://godstenlaws.com/ten-commandments/index.html#.UA7FOLTy9Lc

*Being a citizen of a country does not make one guilty, anymore than being a member of the United States makes it citizens guilty of the atrocities of the country as a whole by default, and therefore deserving of death. 

**Popular is also the teaching of humans as animals (evolution) and the misconception (by religions) that an animal must be dumb, and without thought, and the rejection that humans, while animals, can be simply of a higher order of animals with different abilities, yet no less animals. The wild is full of animals with different sets of abilities, and evolutionary advancements. That's all we have to say about that...for now.

We are thankful for the freedoms that actually exist in the United States, while acknowledging they actually exist, some in greater form, in other countries of the world.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

That's All We Have To Say About That...

Stress, tears, aggravation, headache.

That's all that needs to be said about today.

You could read a whole bunch of other stuff we've written over the past two years. We're just not in the mood for...anything. Our general stress level, and touchy mental state, has reached a level that is driving us away from our beloved Twitter on a regular basis. Our usage has been reduced by at least 75%. At least we've been keeping occupied with other time wasting things, but hopefully it will turn around soon. 

The following is copied from our recommended archives page, if you are visiting this page after July 22, 2012, then feel free to check out the page for a current list.

Highlights of what we wrote in 2011, and new stuff from 2012.
We write about sexlifemental ilness/healthrelationshipscurrent eventsartphilosophyfood, and more. There are some repeated under different subjects, because some blog entries deal with more than one subject matter.
The Stories of Us - A grouping of all the entries, so far, we've written about our past. Contains some material not suitable for sensitive people, and those under the age of 18.

The Mental Health Entries:
- Mostly Dissociative Identity Disorder/Multiple Personality Disorder Related
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Friday, July 20, 2012

Guns, Guns, Guns...and Freedom

Now we just need to ignore all reports about the James Holmes, mass shooting in a Colorado theatre, incident, and all Tweets, so we can bite our tongue.
AR15 Assault Riffle
We are not anti-gun.

But seriously, gun laws don't mean taking away guns, they can simply mean better control. Nobody needs handguns and machine guns, let alone ones referred to as an ASSAULT WEAPON. You can't really hunt animals with them (unless you want it to be ground meat on the bone), they have no logical purpose. You can defend your "property" with a simple shotgun/rifle. Nobody needs a 100 round magazine clip.
Automatic weapon magazine clip
This man acquired FOUR of them LEGALLY in under THREE months? There should be a database that raises a flag on shit like that.

Maybe this could have been prevented if a person wasn't able to access so many WEAPONS in such a small fucking period of time. This kid was smart, a PhD student, a fraternity member, had only a speeding ticket on his record, and was a church-goer, who clearly had a mental breakdown; stress from school, from who knows what else, for some it doesn't take much. When they picked him up outside the theatre, without a fight, he said he was "The Joker" - clearly he is not mentally healthy. He is mentally confused. He needs psychiatric evaluation, help, and many many MANY years in prison.

Some have said he deserved the death penalty. We do not believe in the death penalty, an eye for an eye and you make the world blind, and stupid.

And then comes the blame...

Don't blame guns.
Don't blame video games, movies and television violence.

Blame lack of personal responsibility, blame society as a whole, for being so entirely fucked up about their personal "freedoms", so self-absorbed, that they can't imagine considering the freedoms of their fellow citizens, like feeling safe. Self-absorbed freedom, the cause of such relaxed gun laws that a person can go out and purchase two handguns, an automatic weapon, and a shotgun, in under three months.

Better gun laws, America, better gun laws, NRA...so that ALL Americans are FREE to feel safe. How about that, how about that freedom. There should be laws against stockpiling weapons, no matter who you are.

It's not a good thing that happened in Colorado today, it's not a good thing when any person, or group, stockpiles weapons, no matter how mentally stable they are on paper, and it all can be prevented, in many different ways.

A sad event, and as the world, as a whole, continues to struggle financially, as America divides each year, fighting over petty shit, while we go to war and kill, kill, kill, it will continue to break down the mental health of it's citizens, and as the news continues to sensationalize these accounts, it will seem the world is swirling into an abyss of anger, violence, mental illness, uncertainty, distrust and hate. It's meant to keep you scared.

We hope to be here for the day it starts to turn around, and the real freedom, justice and equality (those are the three words on the new American stamps we purchased this week) that people talk about is propagated; maybe then we can be civilized, peaceful, with responsible laws, and responsible compromise, and responsible citizens.

Guess we're not good with biting our tongue. Big f'n surprise.

News Information Resources:

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


The only thing worse than real bugs, are imaginary ones.

I can feel them, we catch them out of the corner of our eye...but they are not really there. Those ticks, those we're real. These bugs...we can watch them, though invisible, crawling on our skin, we can see them flint off into nothingness when we cannot feel them.

Real is easier to deal with than imaginary, we don't know how to get rid of imaginary bugs.
Imaginary bug spray?

Pretending it's not a problem only lasts so long, but maybe just long enough.


We struggled to sleep last night, tossing and turning, kicking the sheet away. One of us has a high sensitivity to light when trying to sleep, and the printer from the area outside of our bedroom was casting a light, keeping her (and us) awake. It took awhile to figure it out. Awhile, too long.

Finally we stumbled out of bed and covered it with a towel. James thinks it's funny how sometimes (it's not every night, obviously) we have to cover all the lights emitting from electronic devices in order to get to sleep. Even the little light on the television we currently have in our bedroom  can keep us up for several extra hours, until we throw dirty laundry in front of it. TVs in bedroom are bad on so many levels anyway, I can't wait until there is another room to put it in.

Despite the fact we could sleep as late as we want, we try to maintain a steady time of waking up (by 9am, at the latest, is ideal) and we don't nap unless we are ill because it's hard enough to shut down all the circuits to get to sleep at night, let alone doing it in the middle of the day with many various things going on up there. Focus, sometimes, is barely attainable.

In attempt to provide some lulling, before shutting down the electronics...

Here's to another day under out belt, and hopefully a restful night of sleep.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Normal Life


We just want to start our "normal life".

We appreciate The Mother allowing us to live in her basement, with James, for the three months we have been here over the past 9 months...but we really feel like we've overstayed our welcome. We've taken to spending more time in the basement, in our bedroom, and we've gotten a "request to be out" date of October...which, while not intentional we are sure, has added to our stress.

We can't rent, as we have no income/credit history in the United States...having lived and worked in Canada since 2004, up until last October; and since the area we want to move to is not within even four hours of our current living area...long-term employment is not possible. And James can't work until his paperwork to stay in the United States clears. The money we have saved need to be re-invested in one of the two distressed properties we love that are currently on the market.

Waiting for the two properties that fit our needs, and wants, to fall in asking price is killing us. We've been in several bidding negations with one. Each has so much work to do, and with winter, despite the high temps, right around the corner...it's making us, we and James, nervous...nervous for the things that need to be done to distressed properties that has sat empty for a year, to make it ready for living in through a cold winter (insulation upgrades, furnace checks, so much).

We just want to have a normal life, with the man in our life, and start a home again. It's been nine months since we left the last place that was our home. We miss having a home. We miss being a functional adult. We miss...that little bit of "normal".

Saturday, July 14, 2012

From River to Plate in Under Four Hours

After a hot sweaty muddy four hours at a river, resulting in being browned to the color of a baked turkey, we managed to catch four catfish to keep (James 1: Frankies 3)!
Finally, keepers. One got tossed back because it was too small, so after we gingerly removed the hook from his mouth, being thankful he hadn't gulped it up like the previous two, he was released into the muddy wild.

James got to catch his first catfish ever, finally, after we convinced him to
a) use a worm instead of luncheon meat (our local catfish aren't high falutin) and
b) standing on our lucky rock, where we had caught all four of our catfish in under an hour, after attempting other spots...and had abandoned completely upon our second major snag and losing our second bobber of the day.

So...what did they look like?

Meet Kevin the Catfish, James' catch...yeah, he named him...right before I gutted him.

And this was ours (*ahem* the biggest one of the day)...

The two smaller ones did not get photo opps.
So, what did we do with those lovely creatures of nature?

Deconstructed Catfish Tacos with a Simple Slaw
After you have cleaned the fish (find your own YouTube video, we didn't like any of the ones we saw, and none of them did it like we do), including removing the skin, cut the fillets into 1-1 1/2" strips, and soak them in milk.
Soaking them in milk extracts some of the "muddy" taste that some people taste in catfish (we have never had a problem with it, personally). Make sure the liquid covers the fillets.

We soaked ours in a mixture of milk, salt, pepper, hot sauce, and a lime-honey mustard we found in the fridge, for an hour. 

Then we made a breading out of cornmeal, flour, salt, pepper, onion powder, parley flakes and dried oregano flakes.

There are literally no measurements. You're the boss here.

Fry those babies in just under an inch of hot oil, drain, and add to your dinner.

We made a quick slaw with red cabbage, green cabbage, white onions, mayo, sour cream, lemon juice, honey, salt and pepper. Served it with flour tortillas (corn is preferable) and some sliced tomato. James added mayo to his, while we opted for the spicy kick of Sriracha (a Vietnamese chilie garlic sauce)

A Sriracha funny from the humorous The Oatmeal (http://theoatmeal.com/comics/sriracha)

It was a good day, playing in the mud, playing with worms and pulling in some catfish.

No, we're not Southern.

It was fun to see James eat something that had been in a river, swimming around, a mere four hours earlier...and being gutted on the kitchen counter in under two. It's the first time he's eaten something that fresh (he's fished, but only European carp, which is "sport fishing", so he's never had to gut a fish).
He may have been a bit weirded out by it, but he's has to get used to it...the eating something hours after it's been alive, we're going to be farm dwellers by next year this time, and eating animals we raise...with a little added luck, anyway. We're still in the patience portion of real estate Hell.

Today was just what we needed.