Monday, July 4, 2011

Life Kicks Us In The Ass At Every Turn

Even worse when it's not YOUR own bills....

In regards to our blog entry from Thursday Sometimes Karma Is A Bitch For A Reason: we've come to the conclusion today that life just loves to keep kicking at us. We get that sometimes Karma will get you (and Lord knows we've done some stuff that seems to have piss her/him off)...but if you've read enough about our whole life...well...we're a little tired of the beatings, metaphorically speaking for the most part.
All we're trying to do is find balance in our lives. It's hard to figure out, because most people are not as open about their lives as we tend to be, so we don't know much about the struggles that average people go it such a struggle for other people? Do other people have trouble dealing with the bricks that life seem to chucking at them? We don't know.

It just seems like right when things seems to be improving, and we turn our back a little, in that brief moment life shoves a steel-toed boot on and kicks us square in the ass and shoves our face in the dirt. Some days it's a struggle to talk one of us into getting back up and carrying one...other options seem so much easier, so she says.

In an effort to be more responsible, today upon arriving home from work we checked the mail (small feat for some, accomplishment for us today), and low and behold it held a letter from the local water and waste department - again reminding us of a good reason to avoid the postal box as much as possible. Sure, it'll still be there when we finally get around to checking it, as most bad news that it contains is...but today was a teeter of bleh and suckiness and really we just wanted to go home and paint; something we never did get around to yesterday, something we probably won't get around to tonight...

Seems our cunt (don't like the language then you probably haven't meet me, and some of the others) of a tenant that we referred to in Thursday's blog post had also not been paying her water bill and has racked up charges to the tune of $761.97, all of which we are responsible for under the landlord responsibility "act", whatever that is, apparently.

Needless to say we really can't afford this, though we'll figure out a way as we usually do, especially since to quickly get another tenant, that we can trust, into the house, we have to lower the rent by $300 a month in the first place - luckily we have strong potential renters at the ready that are itching to get into the house and one happens to be a cousin of Fabulous People, who is someone we see at least three times a week.

There will still be the matter of filing charges against the woman in question to have her pay the utility bills she is responsible for, which she'll probably never have the money for, so we'll never really see it. If we do file it it will be for the principle of the matter, not the money we may, or may not, be reimbursed. Finding her again will be the big feat, though when they told us on the phone that the statute of limitation is seven years to file charges, we felt a bit better about locating her so we could get her served.

"Oh, we'll find her within seven years, no worries about that" we told the man on the phone that works for the local tenants board; and we will, because this city is small...and it won't take long to figure out where her kids go to school...providing she stayed in the city, that is. There is also the wonderful world of Google; oh and a long distance call to her mother on a phone bill we received before we got our head out of our ass and blocked the long distance on the phone line we were providing her.

The Other Girl was too nice. She let people do shit like this to her, giving people the benefit of the doubt all too often. Had we been aware that she'd not been paying her water bill, in addition to shirking her responsibilities on paying the electrical bill that she'd been lying about, we would have surely evicted her lazy government assistance leeching ass.

So, that's it...that's just another day for us - more shit we have had to deal with in less than a weeks time...and it'll just keep coming at us, no doubt - because life hasn't shown us any different.

~One fucking angry Frank (and Cassandra)

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