Saturday, July 9, 2011

An Aimless Entry

It’s seems difficult to come up with writing topics lately that we feel would really be of interest to new people landing here, we’ve been under a lot of stress and we’ve been on the edge of panic attacks for days now. We have a lot going on in our life that we are not writing about, that we can’t write about, in addition to the stuff that’s been going on that we’ve been writing about this past week in regards to the property we own.

These things we haven’t been mentioning are probably things we should write about because it’s likely part of our current instability, this frozen desire to write and paint, this different stress bordering on depression that is not just the stress of being us; but we have to maintain privacy on some level, at least for now and so we sit here and absorb ourselves into Twitter, which is really no different than if we were absorbing it into watching television, or movies, or all the other things people absorb themselves into to try to distract them from life; maybe if we did that though we’d be able to keep out of trouble…probably not though. Twitter is just more interactive, and for us that means a lot more fun…most of the time.

We know it’s likely that many of you reading also read our Tweets (and if not you should, it’s where we are a lot more funny, and sometimes a lot more creative) and a lot of the time it looks like we’re just having drunken and/or bitchy fun time – depending on if we are at work, or at home (and if you’ve read our blog you’d know we’re not drunk as much as many of our followers assume)…it’s not that we are trying to hide that we are in verging on panic, that we are depressed…that sometimes we are crying…(though we do make indications of it sometime); we’re just trying to divert our anxiety and stress, and distract ourselves by  sharing with you, our readers/followers, the shit that runs through our mind all day, to entertain you, and entertain us. We suppose we have become comedians of some sort now…but in the only way we know how, in a 140 character format.

If you know much about real life comedians you know that they are not happy people, they are people who have the skill to use their pain, misery, depression, anger and disgust with the world, and turn it into a format used to entertain those with less pain and misery, those that laugh because they have no idea what a life with problems is like; and those who laugh because they acknowledge the truth. Either way, they use all the tools life has given them as a coping mechanism…and only occasionally does it pay off big and afford them the ability to use it to sustain life without other jobs.

Comedy in “Hollywood” is wrought with depressed people, people such as Drew Carry, Jim Carry, Rodney Dangerfield, Conan O’Brien, Patton Oswalt, Sarah Silverman, Owen Wilson…the list really goes on and on…but those are the most commonly recognized names (some of which we’re not big fans of…okay…two…but we’re not telling you which two).

This post feels aimless, much like we feel day-to-day lately. It was getting better, and we were feeling like life was finally giving us some good luck until this last week and a half.

We went to the police station today to file our police report on the tenant we’ve been writing about for the last week (please see prior posts for reference) and for the most part we don’t feel like it’s going to do any good, though if they can find her we will be pressing charges…but first the detectives have to see if we have grounds for charging...and all we could think was…But She Stole From Us. It’s that feeling that stems from knowing that crappy people get away with doing crappy stuff because if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be crappy. Or maybe we’re wrong, maybe no matter what people in life remain crappy, even when they have to deal with the consequences of said crappiness.

So, if they find her they will charge her with criminal charges; luckily when they pulled her name up in the computer they said they had an updated address on her, more updated than the address of the building we had rented to her, and stated that they had her new address because they’ve had to deal with her recently. Man, all we could think was a) what had they dealt with her about?! And b) GIVE US HER DAMN ADDRESS! But alas, the police, like the government agency that pays us her rent, and the companies she owes money to on utilities not paid on OUR property, some of which WE will now have to pay, are not allowed to give us her information. Sometimes privacy protection laws are a bunch of fucking bullshit.
There is no comfortable way to end this entry. We hate people … most every person…90% at least. Don’t know why? Just read about out life; roughly 20 some years of it is jammed in this blog…the only thing that’s really missing, aside from additional stories, funnier stories, is the past 4 years or so that we intend on picking up on as soon as we have some time to gather ourselves together and put those pieces in order, because currently, I have no clue, only vague spots of things to pull from, and we’re a hodgepodge mess of worry over the mounting bills associated with this house.

This week we will post some more of The Other Girls travel journal entries, and tell you about some guest bloggers we are bringing to this blog, as well as some exciting news about an out of town guest who will be coming to stay with us for a few week…hint: it’s a man! (Note: we’re terrified! …but only a little…)

Happy Saturday <3

~Frank, Catherine, Cassandra

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