Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Other Girl: A Travel Journal Part V: Germany in Photography

GERMANY IN PHOTOGRAPHY....through our eyes
To recap: We flew into Amsterdam, rented a car and drove from Amsterdam-Magdeburg-Berlin-Dresden-Munich-Drove two and a half days along The Romantic Road and stayed in a little blip of Germany situated in Austria (Jogholz) - Drove up to Frankfurt and then back to little loop.
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We took at least 2000 photos in Germany, some are in journal posts we've been posting the last couple of weeks, more sporadically than we had is some of the photos that didn't make it in those posts:

Next stop...Cairo, Egypt...should be posted this week sometime...
Photos taken at Landsberg am Lech, Bavaria, Germany
Have we mentioned we love boats?

Views in Dresden, Germany

 Views of the North Central German Countryside

Views from Regensburg, Germany

The one below on the left was what we ordered...was not expecting head-on...but it was good.

Views From Rothenberg, Germany

Photos of the Medieval Torture Museum - Rothenberg, Germany
Torture masks, punishment masks, torture devices...the whole place...absolutely amazing... especially the dungeon...and it's fun little of that are towards the bottom.

Chastity Belt

Probably as a good place as any to end this've been tortured enough....want to continue the torture and read stuff we've written, look at paintings we've painted this year, and read some poetry we've recently written?
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