Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our New Guest Blogger!

A week or so ago we called out on Twitter looking for a guest blogger who would be willing to write once a week for us about living with mental illness, as a way to provide a break once in awhile for us, immediately we got a DM response from Kerry asking if we would be okay with a mental health nurse as a guest instead. We replied right away and are very excited to have her contributing to our blog.

We met Kerry (@kerrystott) about a month ago as a new follow, she helped come up with a blog topic one day The Flavours of Emotions, and soon became a Twitter friend.

Kerry will be guest blogging for us about twice a month, it’ll be a way to give us a little reprieve from our self-mandated writing schedule through the summer, and when we have one of our Twittercrushes here for a visit for a month, starting this comig Thursday.
Anyway, this entry is an introduction written by Kerry.

We’re going to paint, play with our Twitter lists , do all the other stuff we usually do on a Sunday.

Happy Sunday, all!

~Frank et al

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An Introduction

Hi, I’m Kerry.  I have been following Frank on Twitter for some time when she tweeted that they would like someone to write a guest column on the blog about mental health.  I bit her hand off, I think she still has most of her fingers left.  So, this first post is a bit of a ‘hi there’ and ‘hello’ from me; introducing myself to you.

Right: what’s your name, where do you come from, what do you do?

I live in Cumbria in the UK, Google it, it is the most beautiful place in the world, which is why I live there.  I live with my husband and son and we are all fairly normal though prone to making rude/silly jokes.  I work in a town called Darlington as a mental health nurse.  I have two jobs. One is working on a locked ward as an inpatient nurse, it is for a private health care company and deals mainly with people who have schizophrenia.  It is very interesting and I like the people that I work with and the people that I look after.  My other job, my main job, is working for the National Health Service (NHS) as a care co-ordinator which is also known as a community mental health nurse or CPN.  This job I work with people who have mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, bipolar, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), eating disorders, ADHD, and personality disorders.  Quite a range. I prefer my main job but currently the NHS are unable to make my job full time – hey ho.

On the side, when I am not busy with my two jobs and my family (because obviously there is soooo much time left over), I enjoy writing.  I like writing as a form of therapy but I also write for publication and I have been published in national nursing journals such as Mental Health Practice and Nursing Standard. These articles are on various topics relate to nursing.  In addition to this I have written a book, an autobiography of the 10 months or so that I had cancer (Double Decker Bus: Kerry Stott: Books UK and US) feel free to buy it, it is the only feel good humorous cancer book out there, plus I need the royalties to break even (blatant book plug).  So I can actually write for others to read which is interesting because I also have dyslexia too, see if you can spot the typos because I won’t be able to.

What will I be writing about?  Well, I will be writing about aspects of mental health twice a month. I will be writing entries that are between 500-1000 words to keep things snappy and interesting.  Topics I have already thought of include: what is mental health, depression, anxiety, creative therapy, food and mood, suicide, family and support networks, deliberate self harm, fun and laughter, alcohol and drugs etc.  I have a list in my mind but please feel free to make a suggestion as they will be gratefully accepted.

OK, so I’m a mental health nurse and I know Frank; do I help her, I hear you ask. No, is the resounding answer.  Apart from the fact that we live on different continents I can be either a writer or a nurse but ethically I would not and could not write about my patients, particularly not on such a public forum.  But won’t being involved with someone with DID be confusing?  Ummm, probably; but not really any more so than other people I know with a personality disorder; plus I find that people are more than a label that is stuck to them.  People are REALLY interesting and I love finding out about them, Frank is a little bit more interesting than most but apart from that she’s just a regular lady.

So this is me, I look forward to hearing for you and getting to know you all; I’ll see you in 2 weeks.

Kerry x

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