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The Other Girl: A Travel Journal Part IV: Germany - The Final Days

Of course the days in Germany are just typed notes, and October 20th-through October 23rd is almost completely unaccounted for…somewhere notes exists, on paper…but the notes mostly have to deal with the types of weed The Other Girl and Significant Other tried while in Amsterdam for three days on layover to Cairo, Egypt; the notes on Amsterdam also include some of the food they ate and notes about what they saw.

Time spent in Amsterdam can be boiled down to: “Got up, had a snack, went to “coffee shop” and got a variety of strains of weed for the day, walked in circles in central Amsterdam for roughly 14 hours a day, because they have it laid out so you can get lost, but you’re lost walking in circles; ate delicious food.”

Luckily while high many, many pictures were taken, which you can find in the next entry: AMSTERDAM PHOTOS

The following is all that was written about the last couple days in Germany…there are also many pictures from these days which will be at the bottom of this post.

We’ve got painting to do today, we’ve been slacking and we’re starting to get in trouble over it…so…for your reading pleasure…The Other Girls notes on Germany and a whole lot of photos…

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October 17th, Saturday – October 19t
[Drove along ]The Romantic Road [for two and a half days]

- [Significant Other] does his Sound of Music/Mary Martin impersonation in a field in Southern Germany
- [The Other Girl] follows a random sign in SW Bavaria, ends up in the mountains and stumbles upon the entrance to Linderhof Palace

Photos taken on the grounds of Linderhof Palace, Bavaria, Germany

- End up at Saturday night’s accommodations…in the Austrian Alps just at sundown.  Dave exclaims “how is this place on the internet” and we marvel at the destinations resemblance to a horror film, and begin our version of [feeling like we were in] Texas Chain Saw Massacre – Alps Style. 

Jongholz, a village in the Austria Alps only accessible by Germany with a total residency of 323, is quiet and seemingly deserted, our accommodations at Pension Katherine while creepy are the most comfortable beds on the trip thus far, and will prove to be the best throughout the entire trip.
We ate at a local inn where the family who owned the inn were also enjoying dinner.  Only one guy knew enough English to communicate with us and he tried desperately to decipher the menu for us, even running off to get a German-English dictionary.  [Significant Other] ended up having ribs, a whole side, such a big piece that they had to cut it in order to fit it on the cutting board plate. [Very rustic]

The town was dark and desolate and our room had no phone so [Significant Other] walked to the nearest phone booth, while he walked the few hundred meters to the booth he [claimed he] heard footsteps behind him. [At this point we removed whatever else The Other Girl had written; it appeared she was going to talk most about Significant Other and the desolation of the small mountain town we stayed the night in.]

Breakfast – boiled egg, liverwurst, thinly sliced meats, breads, butter, jam, Nutella, honey, juice, coffee,

[Back on the] Romantic Road

Sunday market – almond pastry, shops and food

Hotel outside Wurzburg – biker motel with 24 hour check-in [a horrid nasty little motel]

Back to Rothenberg then straight to Frankfurt and then to Dusseldorf [to spend the night in another hotel]

Up the next day to Amsterdam

[Got] lost out of the city – [a theme, really, of trying to drive around a country whose language you have no comprehension of]

[Returned the car in] Amsterdam hotel [and walked for at least an hour dragging tons of luggage until we found the hotel]

Photos from Around Germany:

A car commercial photo if we ever saw one...

All Photography (c) 2009 Frank Ly et al

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