Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween - Surprisingly Uneventful

Well, I have to say I have mixed feelings about how last night went.

My gal pal, Crazy J, picked me up last night to hang at Ninja Princess' place for pre-party drinks and costume completion. Always fun with those two, ever since our trip to Vegas this past July we have become a tight little threesome; all being fantastic 30-somethings with a sense of adventure when we are together.

We talked Crazy J into ditching her plans for the evening to come out with us to a local rock bar for their Halloween bash. So, the three of us and Ninja Princess' boyfriend zipped around the city, making a stop at a local bar and restaurant to visit female friend who was working as a server. We managed to score free shooters "for dressing up" from the manager, who made sure to tell us if any of us needed a date "just give [him] a call".

After a shooter and a couple glasses of the white we headed to the bar, where it was far too early, there were far to few people (that changed later of course) and I was wearing far too little clothing.  If you read my recent blog about my Halloween costume you'll understand where that statement came from.

My mood had already been set on edge before I pranced into the bar, after an argument with Ninja Princess' boyfriend about why I was seeing "The Plumber" at all anymore.  And after a brief explanation he told me I'd proved whatever I was trying to prove and I should stop seeing him.  So, he kind of pissed me off, which isn't something you want to go into a bar being. I don't blame him for being pissed about it though, the week prior The Plumber had sent Ninja Princess, my best friend, some inappropriate text messages.  I straight up confronted him about it, he gave me his lies.  But like I've told you, my friends, and The Plumber: I have no interest in being his girlfriend.  Yes, he is a sleaze, but he is also a learning tool for me.  Or maybe he's just a tool. In any case I've been honest with him about having no intentions on being more.


It just felt like an awkward evening, and while I flirted it up with a couple of guys nothing came of it - strong eye contact, some smiles, but no approaches. On one occasion a guy, who was an acquaintance of Ninja Princess' boyfriend, seemed interested in who I was after I had poked him a few times with NP's plastic devil pitch fork, pointing at me and saying "what is your name?" while we were out on the patio enjoying the crisp air of fall. Never saw him again after that.  Though one of his friends later mentioned that he liked me, to which I exclaimed my disappointment in the fact that he hadn't really talked to me.

No matter how "happy" I felt with my liquid courage I was still feeling out of my comfort zone all wrapped up in much of nothing, with fish net thigh highs and garter, black angel wings and halo; at least I had the company of my good friends. It could have been the chilly breeze on my backside, or the fear of bending over to reveal more than anyone there had bargained for, that made me feel uncomfortable and possibly therefore unapproachable.

Or maybe I am just unapproachable to men; the only exception being "The Plumber" who met me for the first time when I had just gotten done with work, was completely a frumpy mess and was only there to show him what work needed to be done on my house. Otherwise nothing.

Why don't men approach attractive women unless they are stupid drunk and aiming way out of their league? I definitely had one of those, a clinger that followed me around in his Zach Galifianakis /The Hangover look-a-like costume, complete with "baby", which I kept spearing with my fork and Ninja Princess tried to rip the head off of.

So, sorry my friends, this entry is not as interesting as it could have been or as they have been.

Blame the men.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Laughing at insanity, but whose?

Sometimes men are just cracked in the head.  But so am I.

After a broken date last night, "The Plumber" started sending me texts late into the evening.  

How romantic is a marriage proposal via text?  Not at all.  Making me rolls my eyes, I responded by suggesting that he is insane, on drugs or drunk, or perhaps a combination of the three.  

Cut to me three hours later, me, blissfully asleep and being woken up by repeat phone calls (seemingly hanging up on someone immediately doesn't get the point across).  Apparently I had missed other texts in my sleep, him asking to pick me up and take me to his place.  Just had to see me I guess. I decided to give in.  I was already awake anyway, and once awake it's difficult for me to get back to sleep.

So there I was, 3am, throwing a change of clothes in my bag, laughing at my new found spontaneous streak this week and contemplating my own sanity.

What preceded was an unexpected evening of being told that he would "drink my bath water"; that he was so in love with me from the minute he laid eyes on me; that I am all he can think about; marriage proposals; expressions of love and an offer for me to move in with him.  Is that what happens when you ignore a man for two weeks?  What?

I had to explain that because I am not his girlfriend that none of that made any sense.  And I made sure to spell out that I have no interest in being his girlfriend. I just had to laugh at his outbursts of telling me the I was in love with him and he could tell by the way I look at him - clearly he can't read me well because the look I give him is that of constant amusement while my internal dialogue churns out thoughts of how dumb he really must be.

After trying to watch movies over his talking, and a brief sleeping interlude (and that's ALL there was...just so we are all on the same page here), he had to be up for work and being that he loves my company so, wanted me to go with him.  So while tooling around the city in his plumbing van this morning he asks:

"Why did we get back to here"

I looked around, fained confusion, grinned, said "we've never been here before" and took a sip of my coffee.

He picked up on the smart ass come back but really wanted an answer.  He says he figures that I must really like him.

I said: "You amuse me"

He didn't seemed thrilled that he was "entertainment" to me.  

The morning brought more talks of marriage - which, if you read my blog, is not a concept I am keen on these days (guess he wasn't drunk or on drugs last night...which means he is insane) - and telling me he wanted me to have his baby (also, not something on the plate). He can't understand why I don't want to marry him and so he shuttled me home so I can get on with my day, and now I sit writing this story, still laughing at the insanity; wondering if it is his insanity I am laughing at, or my own.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So, this evening, quite unexpectedly, I ended up having a drink (herbal chamomile tea) with a man I recently met on a pretty well known dating site.

I am not generally one for spontaneity so this evening was a stretch for me.  For naming purposes we will call him "The Electrician". Ninja Princess thinks I should stick with the "profession" names, and I'm cool with that.

Meanwhile, what's with the handyman streak?! - and if you don't know what I am talking about read: where I talk about "The Plumber". (who by the way has recently reappeared on my radar...I know, I know...)

So, back to "The Electrician" - who happens to be wicked smart, by the way. We chatted a bit for a couple of days and clicked a little, making me think "why not have tea" on a Wednesday night.

I got all gussied up in my fabulous new boots (recently purchased when "The Plumber" offered to take me to the mall), my third best pair of jeans (I mean, come on, it's a drink on a Wednesday, I'm not using my best pair) and a new turquoise sweater with a buckle on the neckline, purchased over the weekend on a shopping excursion with Ninja Princess.

My Fabulous New Boots!

We met in a local video store and circled each other pretending we didn't know each other were there, and finally I was in a section where I was looking at him, his back towards me, and I sent him a text asking if he'd found anything good yet.  He turned, smiling, and walked towards me and stated that he had wondered when I was going to come around.  Making me say:

"Why do I have to be the one who comes around?  You could have walked up to me."

Guess I wasn't that concerned with impressing him with sweetness. I'm more spice, less sugar.

Anyway, we talked a little about movies while he chose his third pick (all three classics from the 1930's or so) and then went to a coffee shop in the parking lot, where we spent some time getting to know each other.  It was a bit awkward if only because he reminded me so much of guy I had a massive crush on as a senior in high school - a guy who turned out to be gay.

There is something a little odd about him, and don't get me wrong.  I like odd.  But no man should be that giddy looking for no reason.  Who knows, he may have been trying to make me uncomfortable.  I doubt it.  He seems to have been mostly single for a long time.

Turns out he's a nice guy though, nothing really bad to say about him.  Just no spark right off the bat (from my end anyway).

When I went to thank him for the tea and shake his hand he called me out by expressing his disappointment in receiving a handshake. So after some excusing making on my part, I hugged him goodbye and went on my way.

On the way home I realized that if by the last 20 minutes of the date and the short walk home all I can think about is whether the "man-made" material my fabulous new boots are made of will stretch because I had lost feeling in my feet, then the date probably wasn't a success.

Meanwhile, he's already texted me about another date on Monday; but first I have a date with "The Plumber" tomorrow night to deal with.  What?  I do stupid things.  Literally.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween - as scary as it gets for me.

Just returning from a shopping adventure with my best gal, Ninja Princess, I am beginning to fret about my costume clothing choice.

About two weeks back, fueled by several glasses of vino (stickily white for this girl, the red stuff makes me hot and tingly, and not in the good ways), Ninja Princess and I began to discuss the impending costume choices for Halloween.  She had decided she probably wanted to be a devil, and myself, thinking that would be a great costume but deciding I couldn't also be a devil, came up with the idea of being her mistress. The Devils Mistress. 

Now this isn't usually my M.O. - to jump to something...that will require uncomfortable clothing.

When out to bar I prefer the comfort of jeans (...well, is it comfort if they cut your circulation off though?;)...) and some sort of top that looks sophisticated (well, that's what I like to think anyway) and not slutty or cheap.  The outfit selected this evening is none of these things.  

Yes people, for the first year in my life I have chosen a character for Halloween that one can only dress provocatively to pull off correctly. Good thing it's the only time of year that any woman can dress like this and get away with it.  (Meanwhile, am I too old to start the sexy Halloween costume?)

I can't tell you how terrified I am.

And now that this costume sits waiting, all red and black, ominously on the sofa, for me to try it on again.

The panic will set in, as soon as I pull that outfit over my head tonight and stand in front of my bedroom mirror; panic that I will be in an actual bar, with actual people, in such a short, "sexy", outfit. Thank goodness it has some sort of sleeve so I don't feel naked.  

I am beginning to contemplate just how I will dance how I like to dance, usually in the safety of my jeans, while wearing such a thing; my head is already pounding, and I haven't put it back on yet.

By the way, this "thing" is a very short red dress featuring black accent, a saloon girl-pirate wench air about it, without being too obviously wild west or to "pirate", with a corset style bodice that ties up the back and a peekaboo slit backed by black mesh on the leg.  I just hope this thing can pull of a return of some free drinks.

This might be the most terrifying Halloween yet.

Any suggestions on how I'm gonna pull this off? Wearing it that is, I'm sure taking it off won't be a problem. Hey! Get your mind out of the gutter;)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Online Dating - all you can do is *sigh*

As woman of the early internet dating phase back when I was 19, you know I've seen a lot of online personals ads.

Now that I am single again I am perfectly comfortable perusing the online catalouge of available men.

It's brilliant actually, who doesn't love online shopping?

The problem, however, lies in the evolution of the available men.  They still can't properly piece together an honestly interesting profile. But boy! Did I hit a gold mine tonight.

Whilst perusing the stacks, as it were, I caught sight of this tag line (it's the second thing I analyze before I take my time to click a profile): 'Society Is A Horrible Instructor'. Intriguing, I thought to myself. And when I clicked that line I was hit with one of the most interesting profiles I have ever seen.

My tag line, by the way, is 'Looking for interesting...'  - something seemingly hard to find in the land of the cyber-daters, at least interesting enough for me.  This one caught my eye so I just have to share it with you, I posted it at the bottom exactly as it appears.  You'll see it.

Anyway, back to men and their lame online personal ads. There are critical things to think about when trying to land an online hottie (or any woman with half a brain). Let's break it down.

First things first, your profile picture(s).  Let's be honest, it's the first thing we look at.  All of them. Right away.  Just like you.  The more pictures you have the better chances you're gonna have (duh).  When you select those pictures make sure you really think about what you are trying to say about yourself.

You know what you see when there is one picture of a man (or maybe up to three, but this picture is there), standing in a room by himself (presumably his house), a room that is void of colour and hardly any...thing?
Unless the assisting pictures contain...
1) at least one picture of you with at least two other men and a beer in your hand
2) let's be honest....if that picture of you standing in a boring room all by yourself is there you have no choice but to have a picture of you with friends having a good time.

...what she'll see is a man who has no life.  Get one and take some pictures of it, because when you are the only one taking pictures of yourself you aren't really having fun.

So there ya got a little 101 on the profile picture.

Taglines....these can be fun!

"Hi" is not enough to get you in the door and this:
"Just looking for someone special" or any variation of that is just plain blah.
We are ALL there looking for someone special, for some special purpose, and you're sharing that same tag line with countless other boring men.  Spice it up a bit.

These are some of the best I've seen:
"Better than the last guy you met..." (very presumptive, but very confident)
"Every choice has a consequence" (look a big word, extra points if spelled correctly!)
"I'm the man your man can smell like" (smooth)

The next thing "we" (though I can only speak for myself) look at is the profile.  Now, I don't mind a short profile, and long ones better be interesting, but for goodness sake.  It's called punctuation, learn some.  Even if you can't spell (which I notice) show you have a little intellect by forming complete and whole sentences.  Even throw in a capital letter for the love of bejesus.  You'll just make me all smiles.

After basic English writing skills, you'll want to have something to say.  Try for interesting.  It's a long shot, I know.

Interesting can be a single sentence (but not a plagiarized one) if you have some skill.

Don't thank people for reading your profile IN your profile either.  That's just kinda creepy and clearly you are trying to take up some characters so the system will let you post your profile, without letting it be too obvious that you're not that interesting.

Describe a date.  Well, I have no real opinion on this.  I think's it's rather silly.  Primarily everyone will go for a drink of some sort.  Less investment in time and money.

Online dating really is an interesting form of mate finding, the process it has evolved to, there are so many steps involved and it's like a giant menu. Those profiles can prove to be very telling of a person and just like ordering from a fine restaurant, the description is what sells the plate.

This is the exact replica of the most interesting profile to date, it's brilliant really.  I don't know if I am infringing on any copyright laws here, can you copyright personals adds?  That would be weird.
Have at 'er, but be prepared, it's a read!

"**Warning**This Profile For Entertainment Only**This is intended as an art form or statement, free form work that lives within this very real dimension of modern love**Thanks for understanding**
I am Eric Bana-na
I haven't as of yet legally changed my name but am accepting scripts none the less.
I am a business owner. I've been a top ranked broadcaster. A producer/writer. Soon I'll move completely over to an inventors' life which I've dabbled with off and on.
I've been able to sell a product nationwide in stores (still do) which was a creation...that should count in the inventor catagory I suppose, but I want to completely engross the 'mad creator in a workshop' character fully and complete with a stuffed parrot on the shoulder while wandering about a beach in the caribbean.
I've explored this idea considerably and am quite comfortable with the notion. 
I'm an experienced older model obviously so naturally I'm really good at some things like patience for example. I could outwait a dead owl hanging on a branch.
Sacrifice. I have nothing but pure belief in myself for any plan no matter the consequences and remain resolute during the hardest times.
Non-judgemental. I have a moral standing that centres on personal integrity. Outside of plain evil intention, everything else is a matter of relative perspective so I don't care if someone chooses to think or do things abnormal to societal standards.
After a career of interviewing hundreds, I've developed senses that cue in on integrity.
Do you live a life that is honest? Are you a trustworthy character? Or are you the type of person I should clearly walk the other way from?
I've learned the difference between casting stones in a glass house and honestly evaluating your surroundings/people in them. 
I am the last human on the planet that isn't glued to a peripheral device of any sort.
I don't twitter, I don't use facebook and I don't have a cellphone (used to and realized I didn't need it). People have come to accept I don't want to be instantly connected. I have an email and a toll free line.
I find tech addicted people unnerving. They give me the odd notion of smacking them across the forehead with an abacus. I don't know quite what to make of this.
But I'm sure glad science created the XBox 360, I have no problems with that hypocritical tech addiction, nope none at all. Or any of the Tom Clancy series, anything involving shooting zombies, NHL 09 where I dominate 75% of the time...
...I'm probably talking too much now. 
My favorite things you ask?
Discovery Magazine, Scientific American and Popular Science are three that lay about, future fodder for my parrot. Then of course I'm reading ALL day long keeping up with world events or scientific breakthroughs.
My homepage is I think that says it all.
I grew up reading a lot of different things. I remember the first horror novel I read was 8 or 9 and it was the Amityville Horror.
Scared the piss out of me, literally.
The bathroom was down the end of the hall...there was no way I could go for months if I woke up in the middle of the night
But that was me even then. I had grown up reading wonderous tales of ghost stories and those famous paranormal accounts written in a dozen different books found in my school library non fiction section.
For movies I can be flexible enough to enjoy anything as long as the script has a story. My favorite genre is horror, however so few good horrors are made and the same thing can be said for Sci-Fi as well.
My first love for movies was the 1929 original first winner of the first Academy Award ever given out, 'All Quiet On The Western Front'. It used to come on CBC once a year at midnight and I would stay up to watch it everytime. Longtime fav's include Mississippi Burning ( I love how Hackman kicks ass ) Exorcist ( I can't watch this one alone...I have and regret it everytime ) Shake Hands With The Devil ( makes me want to kick ass like Hackman )
I've found I've become a TV snob. I'm sorry and I've tried to fix this but typical TV is really really some cases horrible.
I've tried to tell everyone but I'm just a big buzz kill, it doesn't work.
So I've just decided to carry on a quiet protest. I just won't watch and I won't tell anyone. I usually break this rule for sports such as watching any Edmonton Oiler hockey match*
(*82 in the season due to always missing the playoffs but to be honest there is possible 28 more games if things get better)
Edmonton Eskimo CFL match*
(*18 in a season with a potential 3 more..maybe this year crossing fingers again..edited nope not this year...**stards broke my heart again)
Or a cool documentary on National Geographic, Discovery or History.*
(*'Nostradamus effect', 'Pawn Stars', Dan Brown based theory docs.:
Please if there are any hot History Channel employees here, first contact me immediately with your phone number and favorite restaurant, then please tell someone to stop playing these horrible shows...but mostly send me your phone number.)
For music. It's entertainment. It is what it is for the person enjoying it or experiencing it. I try not to be snobbish about this because it's art really, subjective to the individual.
I listen to everything but I don't enjoy country. I don't like beets either for that matter now that I think of it.
Food! I love food! Cooking/Cleaning/Eating, the whole experience is great no matter if it's Italian or Caribbean Curry Chicken. 
I do believe in karma and I do believe at the very least I'm entitled to a parrot for all my troubles. 
I spend a lot of time thinking about why drubbing my finger across my lips might give people the wrong impression of me.
The night we finally lock eye's. The night when you lean in close to me with an air of seriousness and a sense of pain in your voice and you tell me softly, ...'please'...
...'get off my foot'.
"I want someone who can keep up with me"
Why do people describe themselves after golf carts?
I don't get it.
These folk don't need a date, they need a harness. 
On a typical Friday night I am always keeping good posture.

Nope can't do that as this isn't a real profile,'s just here to entertain you as I peek back at who you all are. Fascinating area to be in though isn't it?
But I can tell you this....
Drugs means 'pot'. Get over it. 
I guess where comma's go. I think I do a reasonable 50% average of correct guesses. I can live with that, can't live without an editor though.
I've been a bachelor for 8 years this past August. Although if you've read through all of this, chances are you wouldn't think that would be a big secret.
Old people scare me because they smell like pee and moth balls.
I fabricated this entire plot not intending for anyone to read it. It's so incredibly lengthy and self indulgent it makes me want to drink....straight from a bottle of Puncheon Rum, which I really honestly wouldn't do. But I like coconuts and that's all that counts right? 

Statement of self love

(Reuters) - Chen Wei-yih has posed for a set of photos in a flowing white dress, enlisted a wedding planner and rented a banquet hall for a marriage celebration with 30 friends. 
But there is no groom. Chen will marry herself.

Uninspired by the men she's met but facing social pressure to get married, the 30-year-old Taipei office worker will hold the reception next month in honor of just one person.

"Age thirty is a prime period for me. My work and experience are in good shape, but I haven't found a partner, so what can I do?" Chen said.

"It's not that I'm anti-marriage. I just hope that I can express a different idea within the bounds of a tradition."


"I was just hoping that more people would love themselves," said Chen, who will go on a solo honeymoon to Australia.

Chen said her mother had insisted on a groom at first but later jumped aboard the solo marriage plan.

But as Chen cannot officially register a marriage to herself, if she finds a man later she will wed again.

"If I had a steady boyfriend, I wouldn't do this," Chen said. "it would be offensive to him, anyway."

(Reporting by Ralph Jennings; editing by Elaine Lies)

Now, I know that some people might think this woman silly. This may seem frivilous and silly but she is actually making a statement, and a fantastic one at that.

A statement FOR loving yourself independently of someone loving you.
And why shouldn't we love ourselves and why shouldn't we express it (in a non creepy, non "going to get you arrested for public indecency" kind of way)

Loving yourself is the best kind of commitment. Out of every person in the world you are the only one you can trust 100% of the time; okay, sometimes you can't even trust yourself (but maybe that's just me).  You are also the most capable of loving yourself 100% of the time (sometimes hard to do even for yourself)

You are the only one who can fully commit to yourself, you know you're not going anywhere so if you don't like yourself enough to love yourself, then who will?

The only statement she made that chaps my hide is: "If I had a steady boyfriend, I wouldn't do this," Chen said. "it would be offensive to him, anyway."  If you don't know why my bum is chaffing from this statement then it's just because you don't know me well enough yet:-*

If you are interested in what I think about marriage then just read my entry from this summer

'Re-thinking Marriage? ...(so much ramble)'

LOVE YOURSELF!  And I don't just mean in the hey-na-ne-na-ne way...

Here are some great unique cake toppers I found while searching for single bride toppers (which oddly, couldn't find); these first four being my favourite of course;)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Video Share - Laugh of the Day

Gordon Pinsent reads Justin Biebers memoirs...

Just as assassin as I figured it's be (his memoir)

F'n Justin Beiber (<- read my blog entry where I get my hate on for JB ('Bieber to publish his memoirs'), or read other things that piss me off, which also includes Beiber.)

F'N Bieber...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bed Bugs and Library Books - Gives Me the Heebie Jeebies

While I work on my next blog entry about the re-branding of High Fructose Corn Syrup and listen to my cat cry - I'm pretty sure he wants food but he just ate the last morsel, I saw him, he doesn't have to have an endless food supply for goodness sake! He'll get food before I go to bed, then he won't wake me up before 5:30 for more.

Anyway. Where was I?  Oh yeah. While I do those things I decided to pop off a little entry for the day about something that's been on my mind on and off for over 24 hours (the HFCS one will take a little longer).

Yesterday I went to the public library, and when I got home I unpacked my small haul of books and placed them next to the sofa for easy access, in case my first decent into muscle relaxer dementia proved to be a tough hall.

As I quickly scanned the titles, determining which one I could read with the least amount of available brain function, I was reminded of a bed bug conversation I had had recently, and we're not talking about the board game, a conversation sparked by the recent rampant bed bug problem sweeping the city - sweeping all big cities really. (they're in high end hotels too ya know - and in movie theaters, yes, movie theaters!)

I don't remember who the conversation was with but I do know it went something like this:

"Bed bugs can live in books you know".

Short and sweet and to the point.

Whose idea is this. Terrifying bedtime stories.

And we're not talking about just in cute pop-up children books....

As I stood staring at my little pile of library books I contemplated the journeys they had made before they ended up neatly stacked on my carpet.  Whose house had they been in?  What rooms?  And more importantly was there anything living in them I should be worried about.

I have to admit, I am only mildly worried but it does give the heebie-jeebies - and the thought of contracting bed bugs in my book collection (or anywhere) kind of makes me want to cry.

If you don't believe me about bed bugs and books, let me direct you to this New Yorker Book Bench blog entry: Don't Let The Book Bugs Bite

Bed bugs, they can live in books you know.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Honesty and other pitfalls...

This should really be called a pain killer babble.

As I lay in bed, slightly doped up muscle relaxers, I can't stop thinking about my blog, honesty, and a certain someone.

I'm gonna be honest here.  There is someone I met recently that, for some reason or another, has captivated me.  We met on an online dating site, messaged each other constantly for a week (to the detriment of me being able to get work done at my job) and then finally, finally, we met for a drink on a Monday night.

I liked him before I met him, about 5 minutes after meeting face to face I thought he was great and a little while later I found him fantastic.  Handsome, 40, funny, outgoing, talkative, interesting, together and fun, let's call him "The Bull Rider".  He liked me right away too.  As we enjoyed out first date I began to really wish I didn't have the early bedtime I set for myself on work nights.

We saw each other the following night and planned for a Thursday date.  As life will often throw you a curve ball, this ended up being no different.  The day before our Thursday rendezvous he got news of an illness in the family, his father was in the hospital. I invited him over that evening so he could talk, I could tell he was taking the news hard.  Early the next morning he flew stateside to be with family.

It's been two and half weeks, we've had contact on several occasions; Still, every fiber of my being is telling me that I've been blown off, but I don't want to believe it; as far as I know he is still out of town.  In our talk before he left I felt he was being genuine in sharing family history and information, but the other part of me, the part of me that remembers the lies told in my previous relationship, by someone who loved me no less, is trying to force me to stand on guard. To protect myself.

So, while he's been gone I've been going on dates, trying to distract myself, but for some reason I feel bad about it, even though I have some great prospects in my near future. Even though there is no relationship to speak of, I know if he were here I would want to be seeing only him, but the logical part of my brain tries to tell me that I don't know that for sure, he might even be in town already and just trying to blow me off gently (insert *giggle* here), and so I feel at odds with myself.  I don't like the feeling of limbo, which is what I am feeling, it's uncomfortable, it makes my stomach churn; or maybe that's the pain killers.

Maybe he has been genuine, maybe at some point this blog will bite me right in the ass, maybe I should take heed.

Maybe I'm all looped up on pain killers and worried that I've already been burned and just don't know it yet.  Maybe I've been burned so many time recently that it all feels like a burn.

Late night blogging, my late night anyway - 5:30am comes fast - maybe it'll help me sleep, maybe tomorrow I'll wake up and read what I wrote and delete this entry.

Piglet seized to recover woman's debt | Reuters

A piglet jumps through the snow on a pig farm in Thame, near Oxford, southern England January 13, 2010.
Credit: Reuters/ Eddie Keogh

Poor woman...


Makes me wonder if Visa will accept two cats to pay down some of my credit card debt.
Naw, they are priceless and I love them too much.

This brought to you by not having a topic to blog about today.  Enjoy.  Meanwhile, doesn't that pig remind you of a Telus commercial?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Scrubbing connections clean

Lesson learned, as always a bit of the hard way. 
Call it a preventative measure for the future. 
If you know me in real life don't use my name in comments, and I won't use yours in my blog (which I haven't done).

Tips for new bloggers (and I really should have taken a cue from MS Chick): don't use your real name, don't link to your real Facebook page...don't.

This shyte needs more anonymity.

Friday, October 15, 2010

So I've been under a rock...

So, you must have heard about all the Chilean miners that have finally been rescued from the depths of the earth (yesterday?), right?  Me too.  Only I've only been hearing about it for about three days.  Apparently these men and women had been trapped for two months.

Now, if you've known me on Facebook or followed my blog briefly in it's infancy a few months back (when I used to write about actual current events) you know that I am usually all up in the news.  Apparently, since I have canceled my cable my life has been akin to living under a rock.

Makes me wonder what else I have missed...someone should fill me in.  Or I should start paying more attention to my tried and true online news sources.  You know what though?  It's awfully comfortable under this rock.

Here's a totally unrelated picture.  
I posted a picture of the other one, so I felt guilty.
This is one of my "Noodles", not quite as adorable as "Mehitable", but he makes up for it in personality.

Anyone else notice the article about the Chilean Miners from The Vancouver Sun has F'N Justin Beiber (<- read my blog entry where I get my hate on for JB, and other things that piss me off) up in the corner slated to appear in Saturdays paper?  We need to replace him with the next 'tween sensation...I'm sick of "Beiber fever" everywhere I turn.  I don't follow it but when they shove it down your throat it's hard not to notice.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

On the subject of dating and blogging...

As I send myself into the trenches this evening, on yet another first date, I wonder to myself is it fair to warn potential suitors of the possibility of being "blog fodder"? Or do I just wait for them to Google my name and find out the hard way that they have been subjected to public scrutiny and that everything from what I think of them to actual snippets of conversation have ended up on the web?

In the meantime, admire my "Mehitable". He's adorable.

picture removed

Said trip to trenches postponed till next week.  Already not thrilled with the prospect of dating a student who could at any time "have to much work to do" and have to reschedule...anything.
But that's me, and sometimes it's all about me.  What time is right now?  Sometime.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Conversation #3

My first "get to know you" day with Experiment #1
The first sign there was going to be a communication barrier. 

The Plumber: "Why don't you say much, you're so quiet"
Me: "I'm just being judicial in what comes out of my mouth"
The Plumber: "What?"
Me: "I'm just trying to watch what I say" *internally rolling eyes*

I don't care if this makes you laugh, it makes me laugh thinking that I went out on more dates with him after this.

Newly single and attempting to get back at it...writing that is...or is it?

So, I took a hiatus from writing and have a desire (and much more time) to try to get back into it.  I haven't been keeping up with the news lately, finding other things to occupy my time as a newly single woman so the topics may shift to life as a single woman, which is really all about dating.

This should be exciting.

While we are on the topic of dating, I'd like to know in what parallel universe does a man think every woman over the age of 30 wants to hear how he is ready to settle down, get married and have kids? Do we (woman over 30) excrete some signal without our knowledge that makes men think this is what we want to hear, or are they conditioned to use those lines to attempt to peak our interest? Or are they turning into women?

As I am get older, I have decided to try to date men who generally wouldn't be my typical selection. Ultimately, characteristics for a man to hold any level of my interest should be: intellectually stimulating, outgoing and interesting with something to say who's not afraid to say it. They must have a wicked sense of humour. They must care about their appearance and hygiene (but not so much that it's an obsession). Did I mention they should at least own a book and have read it?  Is that to much to ask? Probably.

15 years of dating has of course led me to some interesting characters and prospects, but nothing I was willing to let stick.  Jury is still out on what the sticking factors are, but they have become more clearly defined lately after my first first experiment.

My most recent foray into dating involved time spent with a man who thus forward in life will simply be described as "The Plumber"...laugh all you want at the innuendo that could be gleaned from the title (I know my friends did), it was his actual job though. :)

Describing "The Plumber" came pretty easily after a week of getting to know him, needless to say he had none of the characteristics I look for.  My best ascertain of him can best be described as a "meat head Italian, with low level intellect who is suffering from a closet asshole complex".  Of course he didn't make that clear the first couple dates, seeming sensitive and caring, but it didn't take long to see the signs - and my boredom - and decided that was enough of THAT experiment. Of course he did have a benefit or two, but everything else outweighed the "perks"...I won't go into the perks, after all, my father reads my blog. :-O

So now I am ready for my next experiment.  Which is debuting tomorrow night at 8pm at a local cafe in my new neighborhood. A law student.  That has got to be more interesting.

My new writing space at my new apartment.