Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So, this evening, quite unexpectedly, I ended up having a drink (herbal chamomile tea) with a man I recently met on a pretty well known dating site.

I am not generally one for spontaneity so this evening was a stretch for me.  For naming purposes we will call him "The Electrician". Ninja Princess thinks I should stick with the "profession" names, and I'm cool with that.

Meanwhile, what's with the handyman streak?! - and if you don't know what I am talking about read: where I talk about "The Plumber". (who by the way has recently reappeared on my radar...I know, I know...)

So, back to "The Electrician" - who happens to be wicked smart, by the way. We chatted a bit for a couple of days and clicked a little, making me think "why not have tea" on a Wednesday night.

I got all gussied up in my fabulous new boots (recently purchased when "The Plumber" offered to take me to the mall), my third best pair of jeans (I mean, come on, it's a drink on a Wednesday, I'm not using my best pair) and a new turquoise sweater with a buckle on the neckline, purchased over the weekend on a shopping excursion with Ninja Princess.

My Fabulous New Boots!

We met in a local video store and circled each other pretending we didn't know each other were there, and finally I was in a section where I was looking at him, his back towards me, and I sent him a text asking if he'd found anything good yet.  He turned, smiling, and walked towards me and stated that he had wondered when I was going to come around.  Making me say:

"Why do I have to be the one who comes around?  You could have walked up to me."

Guess I wasn't that concerned with impressing him with sweetness. I'm more spice, less sugar.

Anyway, we talked a little about movies while he chose his third pick (all three classics from the 1930's or so) and then went to a coffee shop in the parking lot, where we spent some time getting to know each other.  It was a bit awkward if only because he reminded me so much of guy I had a massive crush on as a senior in high school - a guy who turned out to be gay.

There is something a little odd about him, and don't get me wrong.  I like odd.  But no man should be that giddy looking for no reason.  Who knows, he may have been trying to make me uncomfortable.  I doubt it.  He seems to have been mostly single for a long time.

Turns out he's a nice guy though, nothing really bad to say about him.  Just no spark right off the bat (from my end anyway).

When I went to thank him for the tea and shake his hand he called me out by expressing his disappointment in receiving a handshake. So after some excusing making on my part, I hugged him goodbye and went on my way.

On the way home I realized that if by the last 20 minutes of the date and the short walk home all I can think about is whether the "man-made" material my fabulous new boots are made of will stretch because I had lost feeling in my feet, then the date probably wasn't a success.

Meanwhile, he's already texted me about another date on Monday; but first I have a date with "The Plumber" tomorrow night to deal with.  What?  I do stupid things.  Literally.


  1. Omg Frank! You didn't go on a date with the guy from the advertisement that stated he has been single for 8 years!!

    Okay now this is getting interesting. Love the profession names LOL

    Oh and the boots...WICKED!

    Who needs soap operas when this is way much better! LOL

  2. Sorry, I was humored and intrigued by your blog and forgot to also ask...can you name this well known dating service? Or is that crossing "copyright"?