Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Newly single and attempting to get back at it...writing that is...or is it?

So, I took a hiatus from writing and have a desire (and much more time) to try to get back into it.  I haven't been keeping up with the news lately, finding other things to occupy my time as a newly single woman so the topics may shift to life as a single woman, which is really all about dating.

This should be exciting.

While we are on the topic of dating, I'd like to know in what parallel universe does a man think every woman over the age of 30 wants to hear how he is ready to settle down, get married and have kids? Do we (woman over 30) excrete some signal without our knowledge that makes men think this is what we want to hear, or are they conditioned to use those lines to attempt to peak our interest? Or are they turning into women?

As I am get older, I have decided to try to date men who generally wouldn't be my typical selection. Ultimately, characteristics for a man to hold any level of my interest should be: intellectually stimulating, outgoing and interesting with something to say who's not afraid to say it. They must have a wicked sense of humour. They must care about their appearance and hygiene (but not so much that it's an obsession). Did I mention they should at least own a book and have read it?  Is that to much to ask? Probably.

15 years of dating has of course led me to some interesting characters and prospects, but nothing I was willing to let stick.  Jury is still out on what the sticking factors are, but they have become more clearly defined lately after my first first experiment.

My most recent foray into dating involved time spent with a man who thus forward in life will simply be described as "The Plumber"...laugh all you want at the innuendo that could be gleaned from the title (I know my friends did), it was his actual job though. :)

Describing "The Plumber" came pretty easily after a week of getting to know him, needless to say he had none of the characteristics I look for.  My best ascertain of him can best be described as a "meat head Italian, with low level intellect who is suffering from a closet asshole complex".  Of course he didn't make that clear the first couple dates, seeming sensitive and caring, but it didn't take long to see the signs - and my boredom - and decided that was enough of THAT experiment. Of course he did have a benefit or two, but everything else outweighed the "perks"...I won't go into the perks, after all, my father reads my blog. :-O

So now I am ready for my next experiment.  Which is debuting tomorrow night at 8pm at a local cafe in my new neighborhood. A law student.  That has got to be more interesting.

My new writing space at my new apartment.


  1. Hey, what's with the grammar mistakes? :P

    the Grammar Nazi
    P.S. The writing space looks great but the scenery sucks! hehe
    P.P.S. At least the doofuses aren't 30ish going after 18ish gals. lol

  2. P.P.P.S. I'm not your father (sorry to spoil your fun, though Lucas Skywalkers wasn't so lucky;) ...I don't care that I have lame jokes:
    the lamer, the better! hehe

  3. Yikes to some of the comments.

    Thank you for your advice Amy. I think I am going to take the time for me and try to "get out there" a little more often. One thing that confined me to my relationship was "isolation" and I lost alot of contact with friends. Now I can take this time to start "socializing" slowly again. :)

    Maybe I should start blogging? LOL

  4. Blogging isn't actual socializing.
    If you're going to blog, I suggest you do so as a supplement for offline socializing.

    "Yikes" to your comments.