Friday, October 15, 2010

So I've been under a rock...

So, you must have heard about all the Chilean miners that have finally been rescued from the depths of the earth (yesterday?), right?  Me too.  Only I've only been hearing about it for about three days.  Apparently these men and women had been trapped for two months.

Now, if you've known me on Facebook or followed my blog briefly in it's infancy a few months back (when I used to write about actual current events) you know that I am usually all up in the news.  Apparently, since I have canceled my cable my life has been akin to living under a rock.

Makes me wonder what else I have missed...someone should fill me in.  Or I should start paying more attention to my tried and true online news sources.  You know what though?  It's awfully comfortable under this rock.

Here's a totally unrelated picture.  
I posted a picture of the other one, so I felt guilty.
This is one of my "Noodles", not quite as adorable as "Mehitable", but he makes up for it in personality.

Anyone else notice the article about the Chilean Miners from The Vancouver Sun has F'N Justin Beiber (<- read my blog entry where I get my hate on for JB, and other things that piss me off) up in the corner slated to appear in Saturdays paper?  We need to replace him with the next 'tween sensation...I'm sick of "Beiber fever" everywhere I turn.  I don't follow it but when they shove it down your throat it's hard not to notice.

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