Thursday, August 5, 2010

F'N Justin Bieber

I open up the newspaper, which happened to be in my house because of a house-guest, and what do I read on the front page (albeit it wasn't the cover story but...)

'Bieber to publish his memoirs'
This kid might be the only Canadian thing that rubs me the wrong way.  I don't know why, other than his stupid smug face...his stupid haircut...him wanting Chuck Norris to play him in a movie about his life...his receipt of a BET (yeah, that's BLACK Entertainment Television - not Bieber Entertainment Television) award then he didn't even show up...did I mention his stupid smug "Disney-should-own-me" face...and NOW...a memoir...A MEMOIR.
He's f'n, what, 16 years old? How much could he have lived so far?  Let's see, he learned to walk, talk, eat, not crap in a diaper...he hasn't even graduated high school yet; yeah he got a record deal...but it's not like he lived a long hard life full of trials to get there.  Oh, and he looks like a girl.  A girl!

"Dear diary, today I got my first pube"

Over 1,600,000 hits is what you find regarding this sad, sad subject.

F-U Justin Beiber.  I don't care if you are act like a douche.

That is all.

Yep, welcome back to me, and my 'Bieber-Rage' :)

What do YOU think the highlight of his memoir will be??


  1. LOL!!! I LOVE IT! I cannot STAND this little wanker and he DOES look like a girl!

    The highlight? "The day I turned my shaggy, too long hair into a 'style' when I ran out of gel and brushed it over to one side." Basically his hair is a Donald Trump for tweens. UGH!

  2. You would think that years of idiots getting book deals would numb me to such an occurrence, but I still feel a little seething rage at the injustice of it all. Then I realize this poor kid is just a cog in a giant machine and is probably having his childhood robbed from him, so I feel a little better.