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Doing Freedom Right, Our 9/11 Post

We’re not gonna get too deep into this, or maybe we will. Who are we kidding, we will.

*Gets on soapbox*

It’s 9/11…and we have views on that…just like everyone else.

Before we get too far, understand, this is our opinion. If you get upset, angry, about the words we wrote…that’s your right and freedom, just as it is ours to write and share our thoughts and feelings on this, and so much more. People died for freedom; a long time ago and people are no longer dying for freedoms, and haven’t been for a very long time. Freedoms are getting stripped away every day, from all over the world, and it’s been happening all through history…from book burnings, banning, censorship, violent acts by police in non-violent protest, wiretaps, government watch lists…on and on…all in the name of freedom while the rug is slipped from beneath us.

Recently we had a follower share an article written recently for CBC Canada, about Homeland Security and mental health…it’s just one example of freedom being taken away not only by citizens of the country so proud of their freedom (of which we are a citizen), but also, that countries attempt to take the freedoms of others away; as if they are the only ones with the right to such a privilege.

If you are interested, this is the article in question……we were shocked and saddened by what we learned…and are open to debate if you feel that it’s justified; because the truth is, mentally ill people are no more a “threat” than any other person who has not had the misfortune of coming face-to-face with their illness/problem/mental health, and given it a name (or in our case, names…)

That event, on September 11, 2001, 10 years ago, brought a nation together…at least it brought the white people of a nation together. Ten years later, they are divided again, if ever they were truly together for anything more than false altruism. Many people have died because of that day, people from almost every nationality in the world, not just white Americans, and while the man who was responsible (in theory) for the attacks is dead…we still fight a war in a country that somehow got the blame…and the public is okay with it because of what the government has them believe. If you don’t think it’s about money and oil, if you really think it’s about freedom…you don’t pay any attention - if you put specific names on the blame, like George Bush, Barack Obama...then you don't know how government works, and how media works with them.

Our September 11th, 2001 was spent in Chicago. Back in those days we were married and we were headed back home from downtown that morning, listening to Mancows Morning Madhouse, a favourite morning program of ours in Chicago. When he started relaying the news we didn’t believe it, we thought it part of a skit or prank. When we made it into the house we turned on the TV and there we sat glued for days, but for trying to get our husband out of downtown Chicago because the entire city was on lockdown, we were transfixed. We were 22 years old, and since then we’ve watched news programs with the take from every angle, watched documentaries from both sides, we’ve read books on facts surrounding 9/11. We formed our opinion based on facts and observation, not what some lunatic who got his own show on FOX, or some other network, made us feel like we had to believe.

We’ve watched a world get even more divided with hate and intolerance, all while pretending an event brought them together. In neighbourhoods in Chicago, in days surrounding that event, as well as all over the United States, those that were heavily ethnic (read: Muslim/Middle Eastern) we’re under attack, as if they had been responsible, personally, for what had happened.

We have so many things to say that we won’t, things about the people who die all over the world by terrorist attacks on their homelands, that go unnoticed, uncared for by an entire nation that fixates on themselves - unless there is a natural disaster, then they come to the rescue…after all…natural disasters are an act of “God” and are in no way the fault of man, and the raping and pillaging of the natural resources that the earth requires to maintain balance in its ecosystem; but that’s a whole other thorn.

If you couldn’t taste the sarcasm in the end of that last paragraph then let us insert that hashtag for you now…#sarcasm

The political world, the world, is a catastrophe…and it is people who stand by and believe everything the news and government has to say, without thinking, logically, about the words they are being fed, that propagate ignorance around the world; people who don’t want to analyze what’s going on around them. Anyone who can think and act logically, who really pays attention to the facts, questions them, turns them on their head, and analyses them can see…the government lies, people lie…and lies breed hate, ignorance, intolerance and distrust.

The world is divided. It always has been. From before words were ever written, societies have been fighting each other over differences in philosophy and religion, and land, since the evolution/creation of man. Now it’s just called terrorism, unless you’re a government doing the terrorizing, then it is justification.

It would be great if the world gave peace a chance…but the world has never been in peace… ever, and until people learn to respect the rights and ideals of others, there will never be peace.
Some might be saying “Well, it sounds like you want people who kill others to have that right. You must think it is okay the to kill someone, that it’s their right!?!” If you think we mean that, then you aren’t listening/reading. If people respected differences in each other then nobody would have just cause to kill each other, they wouldn’t want to. Break down the hate, break down the intolerance, build up the knowledge and understanding, and there will be peace.

Now, that looks optimistic, and not all of us are optimistic, but that doesn’t mean we can’t see what is ideal, and be a realist about the likelihood of something like peace and understanding being magically created…but it makes us feel comfort to know what we think the answer is, even if the answer will never be find the solution.

*steps off soapbox*

Later tonight we are posting an opinion piece by a fellow follower (@VagabondRoyalty), "friend" and host/co-host) of The Nothing But Show. He talks about hyper vigilance, which is a theme running through this blog post…it’s a very interesting take from him and we can relate to a lot of what he says in his piece, so if you remember, come back tonight, or click over to it now (if it's tomorrow already)

You don’t have to agree with him or us…you just have to know we, and him, have the right to write and express our thoughts and feelings in a non-violent manor. That’s doing freedom right.

Freedom. How sweet it is.

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