Monday, September 26, 2011

We're Just A Bitchy Bitch

We've just been a bitch all weekend.

We're not sure what The Boyfriend/James is writing about tonight for his second post of the day on his blog, but he did mention that it's brutal.

As we explained to him we'd rather it be the brutal painful truth than a comfortable painless lie.

Anybody who knows us knows we are not fond of liars, we've had WAY too many of them trample through our life...all lying does it hurt people more, when the truth finally comes out.

Sure, sparing feelings is different, but our goal of cutting ourselves open and showing the world as much of "our insides", and educating, or ...what's the word for it...showing them what mental illness, specifically this one, looks like; and now with The Boyfriends assistance, the ugly outside; would be a lie if he acted like life with us was easy.

He must have a wish to live a life of torture, because most of us cannot believe that as good, and fun, and loving and hilarious as some of us may be, that the others of us who are far less so, are worth a lifetime (theoretically) of putting up with our bullshit.

We are under a lot of stress, and in a lot of pain, and The Boyfriend/James knows this; we can only hope that when the stress of selling the house (our house, and he's helping us) and packing up our belongings and trekking back to live in The Mothers basement will ease some of our anger, frustration, & childish outbursts.

We know us, and yes, we know are no picnic, but we also know we are better than this.

There is just so much to do in so little time, all we want to roll into a ball, hide under the covers and just get to the part where it's all over, where we have time to re-plan our life, yet again.

Not the greatest post today, we know. We're exhausted. We're frustrated. We didn't want to write a damn thing today, collectively, none of us wanted to write...but those are the rules, our rules, and we try to stick with them...someone here knows why...

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Dissociative Identity Disorder/Multiple Personality Disorder


  1. My Beautiful Bitches,
    Were you a bitch this weekend? Saturday, through idocy I left my wallet on a bus and got quite upset and you spent the whole time from then making me feel better, trying to make me laugh / smile. And I love you for that. Sunday I got all sulky because of the wallet thing again and let it bug me meaning every other little thing bugged me, namely, Xbox games. You weren't a bitch for the whole day, I was being an arse (sulking)... (again)... and again you did your best to find out what was wrong. Maybe you were a bit bitchy at some point but no more than me.
    I know you may never truly believe me but you are wonderful and beautful and amazing and I adore you. Of course I know you can be a bitch (as I tell you when I'm feeling brave) and no, I don't always like it. At some point Sunday I did want to get out the apartment for a bit (though forget why) but I'd rather be there with you all bitchy than be away from you again, even if for minutes. So yes, all the wonderful, amazing times we do have together are so much more than the less than great days. I may forget that sometimes for a brief moment (you really are a bitch sometimes) but I love you, and I do remember and I will put up with your bullshit for a lifetime becaues you ARE worth it. I love you, Frankie, my et al, ya bitch. xoxoxo