Saturday, April 9, 2011

Marisa Answers Our Questions

As mentioned in other posts this week, Wednesday we met the first person we've ever met that has DID and freaked the hell out. Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is a condition we've known on many levels we've had over the years. The Other Girl tried to deny it over and over, and was confused about it, no matter what we would tell her, but until recently, because of threats presented by one of our Alters, which is to say The Other Girl, who actually used to be the Host; we decided this was the year to make her understand, so we could be Us. She was a delusional little victim.

Previously we had been diagnosed with multiple different disorders in our 31 years of physical existence, the stories are around this blog, but also get shoveled off to the more concentrated blog of our life at Addressing the Issue of Frank: The Origins, History and Life Stories of Frank - A continuing work in progress, that also contains art we created when we were trying to figure things out for her 8 years ago; it also contains some of The Other Girls photography.

We are trying to put together stories and memories from our life, but there are gaps, particaulrily the entire span of existence until we were 8. We've seen pictures, we just have no  memories of those events. Even events of when we were 12 and 13. We'll have to find those memories.

We asked Marisa questions, this woman we had met on Twitter this past Wednesday. She's had the fortune of working with doctors who understand this very complicated condition. We, Us, are afraid of doctors who may force everyone out. We truly feel the need to keep some of us around, to protect us, because for some reason life tends to present Us with people who hurt us all the time. 

The following are snips from Marisa's new blog. You can check out her old blog, from her recovery, at The Crew.

To read more of what Marisa had to say, please follow this link to her blog -> Bittersweet Gestalt: Ramblings of a Part-Time Lunatic

We get that people are sitting here, reading this, maybe even you, thinking we're all a bunch of lunatics. You can think what you want. You don't live with us; you are not in our head; nor have you had to endure the traumatic experiences that people who have DID have; experiences sometimes multiple in number.

That look that might be on your face. That's the reason why so many people who deal with DID become shut ins, or do their damnedest to cover up any signs that they can that there is something wrong, or that they are sometimes unexplainably not in control. It usually ends in lots of apologies to many people - we were doing A LOT of that the last 8 months. The difficulty in managing this disorder is why we've disappeared from the lives of people countless times over the years, shut them out, pushed them away.

We want that to stop. 

We also desire to have people in our life who know and accept that this is who we are, and understand the reasons why we are, and the only way to do that is to figure it out for ourself first. Certainly we know the "whys", we are trying to figure out the "who's". 

This is us, showing others, how to figure it out by chronicling our Journey, just like Marisa did. Just one example, because what worked for Marisa, what might work for us, may not work for others.

We have a lot to talk about, and discover, on this topic; but we enjoy writing all sorts off stuff, so we will try not to obsess about this every day, this week is an exception, for obvious reasons.

If this whole post in confusing you, then check out the post from last night: We Get Angry/We Fuck Off For The Night ... there are tons of links to help you get to know us.


  1. Hi-I found your blog via marisa via jarred via the slacktiverse (long time lurker there). I read and read this morning. Thank you for sharing your story. I just wanted to say, I believe y'all and I am not some crazy stalker with a faux UK IP address. Just another weird chick with a lifetime fascination about MPD/DID. I am not multiple myself, but have always had the sense that I *could* have been, or had the potential to be, but was lucky enough to have escaped what could have been a much more damaging situation in childhood. So what you say makes sense to me. Best regards. Julezyme aka dynamicita (my tumblr blog)

  2. I believe you. Every word. I cant imagine the pain you suffer through each day.