Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Help Us Make A Decision About Fuck Face

First ever reader poll!!!
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To send the apology...or not to send the apology; that is now the entire question.

We need a night off from writing about the stress of our mental illness, the stress of our job and the stress of our personal life. We also need to consider a final move on the Fuck Face Situation - because we're feeling like the wool has been pulled over our eyes, and even if it hasn't been, the fucker isn't playing by the rules, and we cannot withstand the constant temptation for the duration of his, or our, employment. It's just going to drive us bat-shit crazy...and if you know us, some of you might be saying "Isn't it too late for that" (for a couple of us, maybe).

If any of you are familiar with the Fuck Face chronicles here on our blog, then we need your vote; and Fabulous People thinks it's a great idea - we love her.

If you're not familiar with the story, then the next 24 hours or so is a good time to catch up - it's been said that it's pretty interesting reading:
So, before you vote, we want to explain the why we feel the need to send an apology letter to The Wife:

A) we hate being lied to, many who know this story seem to think he's been lying all along, the only way to make sure he's been honest is to send her an apology; if he hasn't told her the whole truth, like he said he has, then she'll have questions he'll have to answer. (note: she has not asked the who, where, how or what...only the why - according to him)

B) after his three day weekend he come back to the office today to say the following:
  • he had a "fatantasy" about us Saturday, while doing horse chores, lasting only 45 seconds, and made sure to drop in that it would have probably untilized our safe word. It had to do with wrestling, and other things we used to do together
  • he is not in the basement guestroom. We commented that now at least he can use the internet. He said "Yeah, to talk to you. That's how all this started. Now I have to say "I'm checking the weather" I don't care about the weather.           
  • NOTE: Given that he knows of our continued feelings, and our struggle to say no to him, Fabulous People (our closest friend, a woman who works for both he and us) agrees, he should not be saying things like that, should not be tantalizing us - those are not appropriate behaviors. We've been fucking yanked around enough by him.
C) we want to apologize to The Wife, because if we had a husband/boyfriend who cheated, who had told us about it already, we would want to know his mistress feels some sort of remorse; however small it may be. It would be a non issue with us, so it should be a none issue with her...as long as he's ACTUALLY told her, like he said he has.

Seriously, before you vote, read the stories. Keep in mind, at NO time have we ever asked him to leave his wife, we have never had any intentions on blackmailing him. Either way, no matter what happens - she keeps him, we can't be his friend. We push this matter - we can't be his friend (because really, he wouldn't want to be at that point) - so for us, in the end, the result is the same.

Feel free to leave comments if you have something to say, we can't maintain a conversation in 140 character bits.

After you're done with that maybe you want to read other stuff around here...or not. We'll be around Twitter all.fucking.night. We might even be drinking...again.

Added: June 2, 2011 - polls closed on this matter and results were as follows:
As far as a decision. Well...this whole post was mostly Melody's idea...we're not all into the destruction of Fuck Faces life...though we all enjoy pushing his buttons and such. She is happy to know that the majority would/will be on her side. But for now we'd like to say our main goal in this is "Fuck with Fuck Face" - because we can. Thanks to all the voted! We had to take downt he pole because it was totally messing with our layout of the blog, and making things look all gross.
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