Thursday, February 17, 2011

To A Human, If Indeed That's What You Are

You watch yourself, you're making yourself a villain.
I'm talking to you, not you.
I'm sure your "soul" will be revived; check south of the equator, I am sure you'll find it there. Alive and kicking, right near where I'd like to kick you.
Things that people who claimed to loved her (TOG) have recently said/texted to me...enjoy...
And welcome to just a bit of my life.
"Frank, my knowing what TOG went through isn't going to help bring her back. You've made it very clear that you`re not going to let her come back anyway. It`s also not going to make you make any smart decisions about your life, and it certainly isn't going to make you a decent, or even a nicer, human being. So there goes my friend. Good luck to you. If you so chose, you can tell her that I`m sorry and that if she ever comes back, I`ll be happy to hear from her. I don`t need to hear from Frank anymore. I recognise that you only exist because of what TOG gone through, but I really don`t care. You`re everyone. I guarantee things with FNA aren't going to work out and if you don`t change, you`re going to be alone forever, because you go out of your way to kill the soul of everyone who comes near you. Starting with TOG"

You can imagine my evening. We sat with this all night... the words echoing through our, apparent, empty soul.
Cruel to post this, maybe, or cruel to say it; you tell me. Now, deal with your precious bruised ego, but don't destroy the small shred of a soul that every person I have ever met has left me with .
Grind me into the ground further; clearly I don't torture myself enough.
Thanks for the help, thanks for validating all my own fears.

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