Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Is It Me, or Is My Crazy Showing?

**MAY contain explicit content.  I said MAY - You've been warned (more than once I am sure)**

Emmie been in such an elated mood lately she can barely focus, such was the theme for this evening.

Ah, company.

Standby surely thinks me crazy at this point, I couldn't contain my merry duet this evening as Emmie went head to head with TOG to control the evening. In the end Emmie took most of the control, switching off the television roughly 10 minutes into trying to watch last weekends SNL with Dana Carvey, turning on the music, and stating "We should go to the bedroom"...and then, beginning to disrobe, pulling her sweater over her head and wandered off to light some candles.

Tonight, letting Emmie off the leash, she performed in the way only she can, when the lights are down low. She's a good toss in the afternoon too (some might consider simply "good" an understatment), but the real magic happens when the sun goes down; alas Emmie took control - how could I tell?  

When the words "Oh my god, you must be a whore!" are breathlessly exclaimed by the man beneath you, then you know Emmie is in the room. Such language; and from "my" Standby no less! Great, now they both think we're a whore. Crazy Bitch comes to mind actually, but not whore.

Later the man who loves me will tell me that I am "better and funnier than Dana Carvey". I tell him he has just told me the best and nicest things anyone has told me all day. I'm not kidding. Do you know how hard we both cracked up after he told me that I "must be a whore"...? 
For real people, you can't make that shit up, I rolled onto my side, laughing hysterically, telling him I wish I audio recorded all of our conversations (seriously, our banter, in the privacy of our homes, could be a comedy routine).  He replied with a shrug in response to my comment and said "why not"...interesting....Emmie thinks this interestingggggg.....*she strokes her chin*


Emmie and I could hardly contain the giggles tumbling from our lips later, while playing Take Two (hey, we have other interests besides crazy sex, questionable music tastes and terrible movie selections) with Standby; recounting our day in our head, re-playing funny things that people said - it just makes Emmie grin, but not smirk...smirking is for other things playing in her head.

Even though he kept giving us odd looks, Standby, as always, had a very wonderful evening with Emmie. He always does; Standby gets all of what Emmie has to offer (you have no idea what fun Emmie can really be, when she is with someone who is just as goofy as she is) - and he takes everything that is offered, happily and with a side of crazy.  A big, heaping, steaming, pile, of batshit-crazy.

He must realize he's bitten off more than he can chew this time around, on the Emmie-Go-Round, because one of the last things he says to her as he leaves her apartment is "you know, sometimes it concerns me, when I leave the room and you keep talking to yourself". 
He claims he was kidding, but we know better, now don't we?

Is it me, or is my crazy showing?

Frank is feeling a bit melancholy this evening and we're headed for bed - thankfully by ourself. But for you dear listeners, a song. An anthem if you will. To strange days.  I couldn't embed the link on this one so you'll have to click through to YouTube; I also posted the lyrics if you're too lazy to click PLAY ME. But it's better with music, no?

A dedication, to my lurkers, those observers of Franks private life, those who know my [her] true identity and also my [her] "ghost" identity.

PLAY ME > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oobxajMconY 

Music is poetry set to a melody.

Lyrics: Ghosts

By: The Ettes

If I asked you to
Would you give up the ghost?
Of everything
And everyone you know

You've lost the connection
Maybe you should take a pill
To reconnect
To feel like you will

Yeah, anything
To keep your body still

You ask me a question
I'll tell you a lie
'Cause I'm no good when you start to cry
So let's write our letters
And we'll get out of town
'Cause we don't change

When you think I am
Who you think you'll be
The cloudiness
To what you really see
Until you don't know
Just what to think of me

You ask me a question
I'll tell you a lie
'Cause I'm no good when you start to cry
So let's write our letters
And we'll get out of town
'Cause we don't change
And we won't change

If you like poetry, there aren't many who do anymore, you should check out some written by a young Frank (tabs are at the top); some of it is pretty dark and graphic for any younger readers, so read at your own risk. Come to think of it, if you are a "young reader" you shouldn't be reading this. 

I mean, personally, I don't care - you should have seen some of the crap I read when I was a pre-teen. 

On with it already, TOG (The Other Girl) is whiny and tired - I need to put her to bed. Lord she's annoying.

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