Sunday, February 6, 2011

Franks Hostile Takeover

Oh. That's a little... isn't it, Frank?

Franks not into injuring people, nothing (and nobody) is going to get "burnt" in this takeover; but she does enjoy dark humour.

Frank's starting to take over this blog.  I'm gonna let her; she's more interesting than I am anyway - but she's also watch your back.

That "other girl" (TOG), well, she's busy picking cat hair out of the keyboard with a tweezers and trying not to peel paint off the wall because she's three days into a stop smoking kick. I'll leave her to it. Frank has told her plenty of times, we don't smoke. Not that she listens. It took a kick in the head to get her to stop, in addition to a FaNtAstic reason. Again, I digress (geeesh, I do that a lot)

We have slowly, over time, been pulled, like taffy [let's call it butterscotch], apart; the line separating them becoming, virtually, an indistinguishable blur. Huh.

(Meet Frank)
We over here at Just Call Me Frank happen to like Frank, love her even, despite the opinions of others who may not appreciate her type of humour, lifestyle choices, beliefs, and/or mental stability, or lack thereof; they [the others] felt the same way about "the other girl" too.

Which reminds me, Standby and I coined the term "Alternatively Balanced" a couple weeks back (okay, last week), to describe Frank.  Frank is definitely alternatively balanced. Just so we're clear, that's a nice way to say crazy (or as I am fond of "batshit crazy").  It's "our" [Frank, Standby and that "other girl"] term...Frank Googled it, and if it's not in Google then it just doesn't exist yet - ha! It's true.

Frank has "the other girl" (TOG) hog tied for the time being; we think she likes it. In the end, Frank will probably conclude that she was driven to this hostel takeover by a variety of factors (like Franks Current Situation, for one). She'll be right.

Keep reading, if you can keep up.

Frank, boy do you make me laugh. Too bad you can't hear me tell you through this gag ball.

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