Friday, February 25, 2011

Nothing Interesting To See Here. Move Along.

We're taking a break for the weekend from blogging about anything serious. We have a busy weekend; not to mention the entire works of Emily Dickinson to start trudging through (an assignment, we can only guess, to torture us further).  So, for the weekend we're just going to post about music and movies that "nobody" is going to like. Or maybe we'll read a poem and write about that. Who can tell. We haven't been given much "motivation" to actually read Emily.

This is one of our many favourite bands, though Bitch seems to like them more than me these days. It can't always be about Frank.

This is music by The Fratellis, an alternative rock band from Scotland that hasn't really made the charts in North America, but Europe seems to like them.

We suggest you listen to at least one. And if you like these search for more on YouTube.

Now excuse us while we go our self.

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