Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pet Names and Franks Overhaul

What an excellent day Frank had, she just wants to put bells on all her "little" pets; they entertain her so. They might be earning names for themselves, they're so fun; pet names, like Standby and FNA (Fantastic New Addition), or like the bait, TYM (Tasty Young Morsel); of course, like the bait, there will be no "Privileges" with Franks newest pets...or toys - can't really make a decision on what they are, but they sure are fun; just good clean fun - which for Frank can be just as fun as the dirty kind...almost.

Two more to name.  Hmmmm....what shall we name them? 

One is like a big lab puppy, full of energy; but we already have a cute little puppy running around these parts, over at JCMF [for those who aren't keeping up, TYM has previously been referred to as a "cute little puppy"]. I am sure something will come to her. He sure is an energetic fellow though, and becoming very forward with his "barks"...

The other, like a playful cat, with a mischievous glint in his eyes; I bet he makes great purring sounds. He sure would look adorable lounging on my furniture, a collar and bell delicately around his neck.
Good thing Frank is pretty satisfied with what she has these days; though there does seem to be an imbalance in access to all things FaNtAstic; there seems to be more Standby than I need, and less FaNtAstic escapades than I desire. 

This displeases Frank. 

As mentioned in prior posts, "I just wanted him for a few hours a couple times a week". That applies to all (all?) of Franks men, for the time being, allowing adequate alone time for Frank (Frank really likes her alone time, she needs her alone time), and time for other social engagements, like Fabulous People visits.

Where was I going with this? Oh, yes. Frank is basically satisfied with her current situation, but she'll be okay for awhile with all these new toys (pets?) running about...they are a good distraction, but one must'nt forget, she does have a short attention span...or does she just get bored easily?

Anyway, I must get on with this, as Fabulous People should be arriving (with any luck) sometime soon. We sure do enjoy their company.

In Franks recent takeover she added some new content, including some new blogs and other fun links, and made some other changes around the place worth mentioning...I guess.


Here are the new additions so far, in no particular order. Congrats for making the list; Frank is a picky bitch.

she says too much (blog/dating/sex)
Juxtapoz magazine (magazine/arts)
so then she (blog/dating/sex)
anywho (blog/fashion)
This Tainted Soul of Mine (blog/sex/mature content)
Painfully Hip: Fashion-Forward Finds for the Weak of Wallet (blog/fashion)
[B]utterfly[S]uicide (blog/humour)
Kiss and Blog (blog/dating/sex)
The Oatmeal  (website/humour)
Cooking for Assholes (blog/cooking/humour)
a kinky girls decent (blog/sex/mature content
safu: situation normal, all f*cked up (blog/humour)
Gentleman's Gadgets (lifestyle/fashion)
The Righteous Harlot (blog/dating/sex)
The Writeaholic's Blog (blog/writing)

...you can always suggest links to Frank, she loves suggestions.

Hey, about Franks hostile takeover; Franks gonna let that "other girl" blog once and while too...just for those people who like her, more than they like Frank. (but who the hell likes her better than Frank?!)


At the bottom you'll find Franks music playlist. That's right, hang out with Frank and listen to her music while you read. No really. Do it.

The player will remain until I receive slow-loading (or is it slow loading?) complaints (you people can leave comments you know, anonymous ones even) from someone other that TOG (The Other Girl) and other dumb-asses with dial-up or dial-up speed connections.  

Sometimes Frank yells at her computer: "WTF, are you living in 1997?!" The computer doesn't usually have a come back to that.


Over there to the left (up there, at the top) we now have Popular Posts...a whole bunch. Use these to catch up so you know what the hell is going on, or has been going on, up in this place. Better yet share all the new posts, spread the links, so we can get some better ones on the Most Popular list.

Oh, the poetry archives and travel archive tabs have been moved to the top - you see Frank writes, and has written, other stuff. Collectively we've been writing for 20 years. Yep, we started around age 11.

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