Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our Stressful Day: A Completely Uninspired Title

We don't feel like writing, but I'm going to plug though this short entry anyway. I'd ask you not to read this one, but we know you will, no matter what we say.

We had a tough day.

We started off pretty good, getting some work done, looking at cute things occasionally walk past our door, causing some daydreaming; but then we got slammed with a stress headache and an aching swollen back; then there was far too much yapping coming from the outside world, overwhelming us, and causing us to become short with people (we sure wish we could have closed a door). At one point we found solace in banging our head, ever so slightly, against the wall. We hope that didn't scare any Fabulous People that might have been around, or the loud, mouthy people who were observing. But we care less about them being scared and our only concern is FP.

On top of that our rental property, the house we own and rent to people, has a bed bug problem that's likely to cost us around $1400. Cha-Ching.

Frank and I don't deal with stress well, I used to handle it fairly well with TOG; but Frank just gets mean and angry when she is stressed and the only way to handle it is for me to make her cry for once. Which should be easy since she's being a big baby about him. God is he ever an ass, he should go back to being rude to us now, it might make me sad, but it sure makes her happy, given the circumstances. I figure I can use her sadness to my advantage, a little payback for how mean she is to me all the time.

I keep telling her to stop thinking about it, if this is what SHE really wants for us, and if not, well, it's her own damn fault for getting us into this mess anyway. Fuck. I warned her.

So, I'll sit with her tonight, while she lays in bed, tears silently streaming down her face (she's a quieter crier than I am). I'll brush her hair behind her ears, and reassure her that we really don't need anybody this time, and they don't need us; not a man anyway. I'll remind her that we had better get used to this being alone idea, even though we enjoy it most of the time; now that we're out in the world together, who's going to want us anyway? He's certainly not, not in the long run, not now, why would he, why would anyone? We're just his current play thing, for whatever reason, he's keeping us around (he likes to torture us, in all sorts of ways?). I just have to convince her that it's all true.

We're a handful and we don't expect anybody to be able to deal with us. We like us, that's all that matters.

Maybe I can talk some sense into her, after all, I got her to dump him once before, when it was the three of us, in attempt to control the situation. I should be more powerful now that I only have to deal with her, and not the both of them (her and TOG).

In any case, we're stressed as fuck, good thing one of us is control of the situation...a little.

~The Bitch~

This is the song she's sobbing over. And she thinks I'M the stupid bitch.

For some reason she can smell him on her hands. Must be the bed sheets. I think I'll burn them while she sleeps, if I can just get her to the sofa...


  1. Sorry you had a crappy day. I had "one of those" myself on Monday.

    Thought I'd stop by & say hi since you've visited & commented on mine so much.

  2. Monday was a holiday, how can one have a crappy day with a day off? Unless you were like us and not lucky enough to get the day off. In which case, we get it.

    Thanks for stopping by:)