Sunday, February 20, 2011

Brave Face

There will likely be another post today, if not two more, rest assured; we just have to wait until The Mother leaves the city.

However. I want to set a little lightness to the tone of the blog for a few hours.  It's becoming as dire as the situation in our head lately. Externally we are doing much better, and working on "the brave face"; it'll be a different kind of brave face than ever before, but to push past this...something has to be done.

It's hard to be okay with what she has made us do. Outing us like she has. Allowing society to slap a label on our character, not a self adhered one mind you, but a label she's been trying to stay away from nearly our whole life. 

We know lots of people have been reading from our city. My SR's, and probably others if they are treating this like anything else we have done in the past, spreading our link (our secrets) like wildfire, and trash taking TOG; making us apprehensive to leave the house alone, even when we can manage the thought of it. 

So, we're gonna work on trying to be better about the fact that we know many, many, people in our city; and we just hope that when we run into them, which will inevitably happen, that they screaming in our head will not intensify from the paralyzing fear that they have read our words, that they are judging ME harshly, or worse...pitying me.

Fuck, this isn't turning out light hearted like I'd planned. *sigh* 


Did that help? Is it all bright and cheery in here yet? We think this is a relevant cat. Kitty kitty kitty.

Confused? Read 'Addressing the Issue of Frank' for a better understanding

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