Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Warnings and a (TOG) Farewell

Frank feels … aggressively angry and irritated…highly agitated.

Franks head feels like it was twisted on backwards, slowly, throughout the day.

Walking home she couldn’t stop thinking about breaking things (kicking a passing car came to mind, I held back…barely).  It just makes me want to go “Ha!” (that’s not a positive-amused “ha!”).  Some people shouldn’t think that they are the only ones who are trying to suppress their inner-rage, there are those of us that just do it (and release it) in more creative ways.

The Other Girl (TOG) is making Frank paranoid; Frank is not comfortable with paranoia. TOG feels like we are being followed, it’s all she talks to Frank about anymore; and Frank is becoming paranoid by association - and when Frank gets paranoid she gets edgy…who knows what will happen. Would you really want to cross an increasingly edgy Frank? Have you ever seen her kick a wall? She’s got muscular, longggg, legs.

I’m talking to you, my precious lurker(s) – now, that was not meant as a threat...necessarily. Just know, that if you keep reading you may find someone you'll never be able to figure out, and it might get scary. You don't know Frank.
Frank has revoked TOG’s blogging privileges, as punishment (we love punishment), and is sending her on “a vacation”, to a special destination; sadly she’s been given a one-way ticket, so it’s up to her to make it back. Frank got way too pissed off at her for the fit she pulled this afternoon, nearly ruining a special Frank encounter. *She grins* 

Frank also doesn't have the heart to tell TOG that, at this point, even though she has deep affection for him, Frank will be using Standby as a beard, if you will, in her absence. It's easier to send her away; Frank isn't enjoying watching TOGs behavior and sitting by while Standby thinks all these changes (the cessation of smoking, the yoga, the general improvements, as slight as they may be) has something to do with him; though he certainly does benefit from some of the changes. Boy does he ever. It's debatable at that level whether or not he'd mind even if he knew he was a beard; but he isn't the type of man who enjoys being used, at least not by me, so I don't think he'd enjoy knowing that. Some men don't like being used. (shocking, I know...) 

Not only that, but TOG has also been creating a small illusion for Standby, an illusion that maybe FNA isn't so much in the picture as much as he used to be. Frank finds this wrong and plans to rectify that soon; but it's a rock and a hard place situation because Standby stated, again, that he wanted no knowledge of my carnal exploits. ["Welcome to round two, of your third visit to the Frank-a-go-Round, Standby. Do you have your frequent punch card? After three years you should be eligible for a free ride - oh wait, they are all free. Hold on tight, you might get hurt this time around."]

In addition, being without their laptop cord, and therefore unable to spend the latter half of the evening in writing bliss; last night Frank and TOG had lotssssss...sssss…ssssssss of stuff to say to each other. She bitched about FNA, and his inability to meet Frank’s weekly structural scheduling requirements (two days a week, booked by Mondays) because we have others to make plans with, like Standby. [Frank can be pretty structure-oriented - at least in theory - she can be a loose cannon at times]

Anyway, Frank is pretty sure FNA and herself make a good team, so I'm willing to let the lackadaisical approach to scheduling (and her in general) slide for now (it'll just grow so boring with no "passion"); after all, she reminded TOG, we never requested scheduling, and we already know he doesn't care, so we can't be upset about that either. She complained that we thought FNA had figured out scheduling, but it was short lived. I shoved my stiletto into her foot and she shut right up. Then I sent her to finish packing her bags; Frank can only talk to her for so long…That Other Girl is liable to babble.
So, farewell TOG, sorry I hijacked your blog. Feel free to send us a postcard now and again. Good luck getting back – this is Franks house now.

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