Monday, February 7, 2011


Three years ago, when Standby and Frank hooked up for the first time, he had a nickname for her; it was 'Vile Temptress', the title has resurfaced in recent weeks.  Bringing about conversations (there's that talking stuff again) about how we first met.

The circumstances of our first encounter, and an apparent indication of Franks skill(s?) in temptation, is a dicey subject. (Meanwhile, what? We've only learned to hone those recently - he was too easy).
Anyway, Standby was "good" friends with the man Frank was dating, that she had been dating for nearly a year, before that fateful afternoon. But what can Frank say, those eyes will get you every time.

They are still friends of course, the ex and Standby; Frank ended all the relationship(s) after the fling (it was a dark period where she figured, if she was going to cheat, she was going to make the guilt worth it, juggling two men and one crazy woman - now that's skill) - all the while never revealing a hint of what had been happening.

Frank'll never do that again, to be sure. She's more of a one/two-man (ha!) woman. Three is too much for Frank - after that, counting becomes to hard. Franks no good with numbers.
Anyway, we were talking about the Vile Temptress as we pulled on our boots to head out for some yummy food (I won't tell you where...stalker), when he notices my water-fiend of a cat in it's one-hundredth attempt at drinking the water from his tumbler.

"Mehitabel!" he yells.

I ask him to explain, once again, why he calls my cat Mehitabel. He says it is because he always forgets her name; the cat is a boy, you would think over 2 years later he'd remember; he also says that "Mehitabel was the name of Cleopatra's cat". (I question the implications of this nickname for my cat)...

to which I casually replied
"She was rumoured to have bathed in a bathtub full of mens semen you know"**
"Huh, I didn't know that", he responded.

I was surprised he'd never heard that.
I was also surprised he was wrong about the name of Cleopatra's cat, which, if you are interested was named Tivali. Isn't learning fun? :D
Huh, now I am going to look up every little factoid he feeds me.

Back to Mehitabel.

Mehitabel, turns out, was actually an alley cat who believed that in a previous life, she had been Cleopatra. She was a character created by writer Don Marquis, in 1927, as a sidekick to Archy, a cockroach character he used in his column at The Evening Sun.

The nickname of the cat, the re-emersion of the Vile Temptress...who does he think Frank is? Oh, he knows. And he still likes her; though this past evening, not having seen Frank in a few days, he stated noticing Frank. Still likes her though, just thinks she is"weirder" than normal and acting a bit "off". Still likes me, dare I say more (he has no idea)? Kudos Standby.

More on Mehitabel (& Archy)? Read:
mehitabel s extensive past
read the adventures of Archy and Mehitabel
"The first collection of Archy's writing, "archy and mehitabel" (1927), is still in print in paperback, and used hardbacks appear regularly in bookstores and online auctions. Other titles include "archys life of mehitabel" (1933), "archy does his part" (1935) and the omnibus volume "the lives and times of archy and mehitabel" (1940), as well as two recent anthologies of long-forgotten sketches: "archyology" (1996) and "archyology ii" (1998)." 

**If Cleopatra actually bathed in the semen of slaves/soldiers

Now, Frank has to get to work on her next posting; there is only so much time to save her sanity; she's really not making things easy for TOG (The Other Girl)...

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