Monday, February 21, 2011

Distraction #3

We felt like a late night distraction - something fun.

Over there in the old Twitt-o-sphere, where we get almost all of our frivolous distractions* these days (Twits are amusing, what can we say), we are looking for music suggestions from our followers. 
(*we have quality ones so a distinction must be made) 

We love music. Yep, we keep saying it, doesn't make it less true. We've always wished out life could be set to a soundtrack. Thank god for iPods.

This music recommendation was brought to me by Charlotte Klein @MyPixieBlog from Hoboken, NJ

We already had 'Home' in our we'll have a couple more. We don't mean to suggest they have a lot of great songs; they are like most other music we like whose bands have only a couple songs we enjoy.

It's long, you'll hate it. Some people might like it. 

Hey, all the posts can't be gems, we have other things to work on too.

We have some pandering to do tomorrow. Should be a fun post, maybe someone should give us a reason to pander (gush), eh? 

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