Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Distraction #2

While Frank sits here, and we edit our entries, as we tend to do most nights; you wouldn't believe some of the shit she initially writes - outrageous. You think the grammar, partial sentences, and wacky punctuation you find in here are bad, you should see the things she tries to get us to say.

Where was I going? (We find it hard to focus on anything these's where structure is helpful, hard to concentrate with so much uncertainty)

So, we're listening to music, while we edit our recent entry about our two handsome men (*sigh*), AND the fuckers (yeah, that's right) who keep reading my blog even though they know they shouldn't; so if you are still reading (which, I mean, let's face know you shouldn't be) then stop. You got the address through an unintended means, no doubt; and the girl who started this blog no longer exists, so...stop making me want to say mean things passive-aggressively. (Things like: F'ing "puppy" should grow up to be a big dog.) See what I mean?  That was mean.

How uncomfortable are you right now.


Uh...maybe I should have Frank listen to some calmer music, or lay off caffeine. You want some tea Frank? We have Chai, your favorite! ...

Back to what we were listening to, (no, I don't have ADD, thanks for asking - clearly it's something else) one of my current favorite bands: Against Me!

Against Me! is an American punk rock band formed in the late 90's and their first studio record deal came to them just under 10 years ago. Frank tends to enjoy their newer stuff, our favorites tending to be some of the midrange chart toppers of the modern rock/alternative variety (in the United States); and  Canadian Top 100. Frank is still hard pressed to find people that know many of the bands she likes, chart toppers or not.

Listening to them got me thinking about their concert south of where I live, which was recently canceled { AGAINST ME! Fargo show cancellation. : Against Me} due to cold weather. (Yes, it gets that cold.)

Thinking about the cancellation made me realize a few things, because I had no clue they were going to perform that close to me (it's only about three and a half hours away!)-  I came to the conclusion that a) I am too far out of the loop [does that mean I am old? Lord, please don't say it's so] AND b) I have no concert buddies (that's what happens when you like music that everyone around you generally thinks sucks).

Not to mention Frank doesn't own wheels to get across the border anyway. I hear you can rent cars...but I think Frank is banned from renting from Hertz after multiple unpaid parking tickets in Berlin last October.

Anywho, they rescheduled for June and Frank is wondering if there will be any tickets left after refunds, if she can finagle a friend to go with her, AND...where the hell is our passport?! In the meantime, we will have to be happy with YouTube and mp3's.

And now.....AGAINST ME!

My favorite Against Me! songs!!! This FaNtAstic! It makes me think of wearing leather and heels...and violence.

This is where most of you will want to stop reading...and listening.

Yeah, yeah... it's not "real" punk. Since when is anything "real"? Doesn't matter - it makes Frank want to dance around the living room in her black lacy bra and panties, Screaming at the top of her lung "Set the world on FIRE!"

Embedding was disabled for this song. The picture is linked to the YouTube page. This used to be Franks alarm clock until about a week ago. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood by The Animals is what Frank wakes up to these days, and before Thrash Unreal by Against Me!, there was You Can't Always Get What You Want by The Rolling Stones.


In no particular order:

Against Me! - Bamboo Bones found on Rock

There ya have it, if you made it this far...those are the highlights. Hopefully they make it to Winnipeg one day, so we can actually see their concert...seeing any concert would be nice though; I've only seen one in the past couple of years (The Flaming Lips). Frank likes to dance at concerts, and jump around a lot (barring minimal back pain, of course)

Frank is going to try to get more than 4 hours of sleep...she hasn't slept well since last Thursday/Friday when she was all but immovable. Blissfully immovable.

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