Monday, February 21, 2011

A Note From Frank, ONLY Frank.

** Added: April 13th - this was not written by Frank, upon further reflection this was written by "Stabby" (that's his nickname until he gives his real one to us)

Now that I’ve taken over, things are getting a bit more on track; I didn’t expect it to happen right away, but I didn’t expect it to be so painful. Of course I’ve had the help of countless people lately (people you haven’t even heard about...yet). People who have felt the need to shit on us all at once; and all while TOG had been in need for nearly a year…of kindness and understanding. But since she had done, and said, terrible things, and kept our secret too well – she pretty much screwed herself into a permanent vacation. We are not letting her come back, her vacation indefinitely extended thanks to one final blow from The Villian – I’ve let her exist too long anyway, without stepping in. She’s done a terrible job with our life, generally, until this last year when I started getting concerned and was roused from my own little vacation, coming back stronger and more determined than ever, and so now I’ll be carrying on with the last remaining bit of her life, and try to save our soul – if indeed we have one.

Sorry, I’m still a little bitter about that, being told we "kill the soul of everyone who comes near [me]. Starting with [insert "my" name]"

It doesn’t help that mere weeks ago we were accused of not being interested in a man, because, he said he understood that “after all, I have nothing to offer you”. This sentence rattled around in our brain for weeks, so you can imagine the affect these two men’s statements have had on me, at a time like this. Thanks for that you two. Fuckers. The both of you.

*sigh* Only, the one who doesn't have anything “to offer [me]” probably didn’t understand the weight of his words. So, I apologize for our out burst, wherever you are, you haven't known us long enough. I understand you don’t read our blog anymore. Probably a good thing.


Wow, went on a bitter tangent there.

Maybe it should be break time. We have some other things to do.

But here’s a song. Frank really loves music, all kinds.

Don't be an ass; listen to the song.

This is our anthem. One of them.


  1. knew that soul killer comment would hit hard. it pissed me off so much to read it... and still does to be honest.

    the asshole who said it is wrong. plain and simple... but of course it affects you. it would affect anyone, which is why it was so wrong and below the belt. would love to kick his ass on your behalf.

  2. We've been trying to get over it...but at least it inspired several Twitter list and descriptions that come off as hilarious, so there's that :)

    Yeah, and he has the audacity to ask why we're still angry...really?! What a stupid did more damage that anyone can ever fully understand...

    Thank, Marisa! <3