For The Love of Music

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Music can turn a bad day on its head and make it's therapeutic. Indisputably so.

New music we find to share, because not everything is on YouTube, where we like to compile some of our favourites. Truth be told we have nearly 88GB of music, from metal, to folk, pop and country...classical, instrumental...did we mention we love music?

None of as can play an instrument, of course, though there are those among us who have tinkered with the clarinet, drums, harmonica, piano and organ. We've been choir lovers our entire life, from church to school, some of us love to sing. James, The Boyfriend, would be sure to let you know that we do not all sing well. Doesn't stop us when we feel the urge though.

We will work on a better way to share music. This is mostly Ivy's range of interest, she is an extreme lover of music, almost hipster in her taste, she loves to find new stuff. She has been known to scoff at some of the music that lands on radio stations, bleating "Well, I listened to that before it was on the radio ("cool")". Snotty. The rest of us have some ... questionable...taste in music, ranging from everything, to nothing.

You can find more of the music we listen to here:
Last.fm (aggregated from we're logged into our iTunes) or a radio station from our library:

YouTube account: (stuff we collect from around the web, before we find it for our iPod, and vice a versa)

Or some here: