Friday, July 20, 2012

Guns, Guns, Guns...and Freedom

Now we just need to ignore all reports about the James Holmes, mass shooting in a Colorado theatre, incident, and all Tweets, so we can bite our tongue.
AR15 Assault Riffle
We are not anti-gun.

But seriously, gun laws don't mean taking away guns, they can simply mean better control. Nobody needs handguns and machine guns, let alone ones referred to as an ASSAULT WEAPON. You can't really hunt animals with them (unless you want it to be ground meat on the bone), they have no logical purpose. You can defend your "property" with a simple shotgun/rifle. Nobody needs a 100 round magazine clip.
Automatic weapon magazine clip
This man acquired FOUR of them LEGALLY in under THREE months? There should be a database that raises a flag on shit like that.

Maybe this could have been prevented if a person wasn't able to access so many WEAPONS in such a small fucking period of time. This kid was smart, a PhD student, a fraternity member, had only a speeding ticket on his record, and was a church-goer, who clearly had a mental breakdown; stress from school, from who knows what else, for some it doesn't take much. When they picked him up outside the theatre, without a fight, he said he was "The Joker" - clearly he is not mentally healthy. He is mentally confused. He needs psychiatric evaluation, help, and many many MANY years in prison.

Some have said he deserved the death penalty. We do not believe in the death penalty, an eye for an eye and you make the world blind, and stupid.

And then comes the blame...

Don't blame guns.
Don't blame video games, movies and television violence.

Blame lack of personal responsibility, blame society as a whole, for being so entirely fucked up about their personal "freedoms", so self-absorbed, that they can't imagine considering the freedoms of their fellow citizens, like feeling safe. Self-absorbed freedom, the cause of such relaxed gun laws that a person can go out and purchase two handguns, an automatic weapon, and a shotgun, in under three months.

Better gun laws, America, better gun laws, that ALL Americans are FREE to feel safe. How about that, how about that freedom. There should be laws against stockpiling weapons, no matter who you are.

It's not a good thing that happened in Colorado today, it's not a good thing when any person, or group, stockpiles weapons, no matter how mentally stable they are on paper, and it all can be prevented, in many different ways.

A sad event, and as the world, as a whole, continues to struggle financially, as America divides each year, fighting over petty shit, while we go to war and kill, kill, kill, it will continue to break down the mental health of it's citizens, and as the news continues to sensationalize these accounts, it will seem the world is swirling into an abyss of anger, violence, mental illness, uncertainty, distrust and hate. It's meant to keep you scared.

We hope to be here for the day it starts to turn around, and the real freedom, justice and equality (those are the three words on the new American stamps we purchased this week) that people talk about is propagated; maybe then we can be civilized, peaceful, with responsible laws, and responsible compromise, and responsible citizens.

Guess we're not good with biting our tongue. Big f'n surprise.

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