Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Busy Life

It's there, we promise.
Only about two of all people who read our blog will care when it's written. That's a generous non-scientific estimate....
That just in about the cosmetic review, of a product we stand behind (and are not paid to write about), that we worked on a little today, but did not complete. We're behind on our own deadline.

We've been busy, with life, with things, with hopes and dreams, and conversations with James about the properties we're putting offers on. Real estate hunting is a heartbreaking bitch sometimes.

Tomorrow we go to look at a new one, a long drive into the country, while the original one waits for a response, from the bank, on its final offer from us (we offered a much more reasonable amount this time), with no counter desired from us. Our last ditch effort...*fingers crossed*. After that, that dream is dead; and not lost to another potential buyer, but to a bank, holding on a distressed foreclosed property, for a better deal than a cash sale with no contingencies. Good luck to them.

The other property is nice, 30 less acres, and a lot of work...but has many merits, and probably will have a more positive outlook (foundation health pending) for us when it comes to the offer stage.

We'll see.

We're having a good year. It's half over. Hopefully the table stays balanced, and doesn't turn, revealing the ugly side.

We're also missing some of us who have gone into hiding. We don't know why they have gone. We've been silent about it, but it's causing sadness within. Like losing close friends.

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  1. I never thought of it that way.
    I live on what I call The Compound which consists of 3 houses and 50 acres.
    I miss Target, I hope you fair much better.