Monday, July 2, 2012

A Slice of Good News

Our good news of the day....week.

We had a meeting with James' immigration lawyer today and she's decided to change the type of filing she is doing on his behalf, and we agreed with her opinion.

As of right now we no longer have to go back to the UK in August, and James will be a legal alien of the United States in under 6 months, at which time we will take a trip to the UK to visit his family for the holidays.

This means we don't have to rush to see the family members we still wanted to spend more time with, and can relax a bit on re-investing the money from our house sale, though we'd still like to expedite it, now we just have more than a month to work with.

We are sad, however, that we will have to wait even longer to visit our friend Kerry, and Serenity, and of course meet the couple of other Brits we had planned on meeting (we're lookin' at you, Matty) this time around. There will always be later this year.

This getting to stay in the United States until James' paperwork clears is good news for a variety of other reasons, obvious ones that we don't feel the need to write about; bottom line, it's a big chunk of stress pie off of our plate.

Now...back to the farm search...

[To those who wonder about our severely decreased Twitter presence, please note that we WILL return in full...we just needed a break/reduction. We have confidence that the people who matter will still remain upon our return.
For those who really can't be without us, you can find us on Facebook in the meantime...and who knows, if we crack a bottle of wine tonight, we may bust up your Twitter party. :-) ]

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