Wednesday, July 18, 2012


We struggled to sleep last night, tossing and turning, kicking the sheet away. One of us has a high sensitivity to light when trying to sleep, and the printer from the area outside of our bedroom was casting a light, keeping her (and us) awake. It took awhile to figure it out. Awhile, too long.

Finally we stumbled out of bed and covered it with a towel. James thinks it's funny how sometimes (it's not every night, obviously) we have to cover all the lights emitting from electronic devices in order to get to sleep. Even the little light on the television we currently have in our bedroom  can keep us up for several extra hours, until we throw dirty laundry in front of it. TVs in bedroom are bad on so many levels anyway, I can't wait until there is another room to put it in.

Despite the fact we could sleep as late as we want, we try to maintain a steady time of waking up (by 9am, at the latest, is ideal) and we don't nap unless we are ill because it's hard enough to shut down all the circuits to get to sleep at night, let alone doing it in the middle of the day with many various things going on up there. Focus, sometimes, is barely attainable.

In attempt to provide some lulling, before shutting down the electronics...

Here's to another day under out belt, and hopefully a restful night of sleep.

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