Monday, July 30, 2012

An Untitled Two Days

We took a couple of days off from the social media outlets.
Sometimes one just needs to disconnect from the computer.
It felt good, for the most part, but there were times it didn't.
We'll get back at it now, and return to the other feeling of normal dysfunction.

James probably enjoyed it, all the extra time together, watching home improvement shows with us (which we love), dreaming out loud to each other about the property we're waiting for the price to drop on, again, so we can put in an offer, again. Some days it feels like we are losing our mind with anticipation. There are things that need to be done to the property to even make it habitable before the cold weather hits (three months or less).

Also, as much as we appreciate The Mother letting us stay in her basement the last couple of months, we are ready to start our life with James, and he with us...and it doesn't feel like that is happening properly.

It's hard when you found the place that feels like home, for all involved, and there are road blocks. We could of course look for something else, but as long as the property is on the market, available, our hearts will only be there.

The property is two months on the market now, with no movement other than a price drop (and we expect another in a weeks time). The bank that holds the foreclosure just doesn't want to budge, even though we are clearly the only ones insane enough to want to buy a property that needs that much work, for all intents and purpose of modern people, in the middle of nowhere; and also in a (local) market that is stagnant

(which reminds us of this cartoon, posted to Facebook by our buddy, poet, writer, and professor, Charles Bivona []).

But, that non-humorous reality aside (and to not incite a debate)...

The old adage, third time's the charm...hopefully applies to this next house offer we wait to prepare, as we continue to breath, focus on a future of happiness, and work on a virtue we've never been good at fostering...patience.

Oh, yeah...and tomorrow (the 31st) at least one of us turns 33 years old.

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  1. Happy belated birthday! We just went through the anticipation on a house - But our earning/debt ratio was too high because of my SO's alimony. I hate that when it happens. Wethink without a vision life would be empty - Go strong!

    Our best,