Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Because Love

 <- That's what we did today.

We also caught a carp that we decided not to keep, (they are not generally good for eating, but we're going to try it sometime anyway) and one of those stupid goldeyes again. 

We were supposed to hear from our real estate agent today regarding a recent property offer...we're apprehensive to say to much right now. We're sure James is being driven crazy with our constant chatter about the farm, at least fishing helps distract from it.

Basically we'll be spending days fishing, enjoying the summer sunshine...we can almost feel summer hitting the turning point as July continues and our birthday approaches...until we can get ourselves onto our farm, then ... renovations, and cleaning, and all sorts of other fun.

It's been a great summer so far. Last year at this time we were just about getting fired from our second-to-last job, and getting ready for James' first face-to-face visit with us (we met him on Twitter, you know), and just getting our head above water with managing our "mental illness" and each other, again.

So much has happened since then!

We're almost done with all the stuff James needs to have completed to be a resident of the United States. Then a few months, an interview with government, and over $5000 later he'll be ours to keep (for at least 10 years, at which time he will have to renew his papers) - hopefully. There is an off chance he won't be approved, but it's such a tiny chance, there are other things to worry about.

We think he's a little crazy; but he's awesome, so we'll forgive the crazy, like he does for us.
Because love.

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