Monday, July 11, 2011

50,000 Tweets And All We Got Was....

So, 50,000 Tweets* and all we got was...this British guy named James (@mr_jmm) to be a silly arse and book tickets to come visit us...(where's our t-shirt, Twitter...?)

We met James (one of our Twittercrushes) about two month ago via our TwitterBitch @singlemomdate who introduced him to this blog, after he had met her via her blog (shockingly, they had not met on Twitter!) and recommended he follow us. It wasn't long before we felt comfortable having our first Skype date with him and before you know it the silly man was looking into booking tickets to come see us.

Two months later, and over 100 hours on Skype later (not one of which included any of us naked, btw) and today he has booked his ticket to the "Bat Cave" (you know, the Bat Cave, where we live). His flight will arrive next Thursday, July 21, 2011 close to midnight...we're already planning on being quite drunk in order to calm our nerves. If you're around then you'll probably be reading us tweet from the airport and be freaking the hell out.

Our Skype dates with James have been long (on average of 5 hours each), and a lot of the time we are on our end reading tweets, sending tweets and RTing our followers, and listening to him "babble" in his sexy British accent...we don't plan for this to change when he's here, we'll be Tweeting as we usually do...okay...maybe a little's rude to Tweet when you're naked with someone else. Right?

Why the big deal? So what, a man is coming to visit us.

Well, James is the first man, aside from Fuck Face, with whom we are attempting any sort of relationship with...who knows about all of us (new here today? Read our blog to find out who we are)...who has read our entire blog from front to back. He claims to be ready to deal with the madness that is us, at least for 4 1/2 weeks.

We've explained to him that what he doesn't get to witness (some of which he's encountered via Skype to a small degree and via private messages that probably leave him baffled, and have definitely upset him at times) can be a lot less fun than he can ever imagine. Some of us aren't super thrilled that he's coming for a visit either (don't freak out about it, James...) and have been trying to push him away for weeks now. (Bastard is stubborn)

Tomorrow we plan on writing, barring no more life events that tend to trip us every other day these days (today it's a second bed bug issue to the tune of $600 to add to the mounting problems/bills related to the rental property we own), about how each of us feel about a visitor. How we feel about James "invading" our private space, because, yes, he will be LIVING with us for 32 days. This poor man plans to be staying with us from July 21st - August 22nd, and will be here to celebrate our 32nd birthday with us. (Get your party hats ready...)

We will still be attempting a blog entry each day, they'll probably become more focused on struggles with having someone in our space, not getting massive amounts of time by ourselves like we've been used to for a few years now; and we plan to still be living life as much as normal. We will just be having a visitor with us when we go dance at the grocery, and wander around the neighborhood drinking in public, who will likely Tweet from his point of view.

We're nervous as hell. You have no idea.

So, 50,000 Tweets, and all we get is this silly ass Brit for 32 days *wink* (and hopefully some dirty dirty sex) [Sorry, dad]

*Our Twitter account was opened on October 13, 2010 by The Other Girl (confused? You need to read our blog then) and not used very much until we took it over by storm sometime mid-January 2011 With an average of 5555.55 a month over almost 9 month, that means we've Tweeted an average of 184 Tweets a day. At the time of publishing we are about to surpass 5590 (almost 5600!).[we have 10 tweets to hit this one...]


  1. *grabs tissues, sniffles, wipes tears from eyes* I'm SO happy for you, you just don't even know how much. Be good to each other and if you can sneak me a pic or two, I wouldn't hate it, jussaying. <3 big smooches all over ur face!

  2. I am soooo proud of you Frank, it's the first time you have used a person's real name on your blog, so I'm thinking at least one of you thinks that this is something special. He must be a very good man to take on this type of challenge - or completely insane. If it's a case of the latter, just send him my way and I'll put him on my caseload when he returns to the UK ;P

    Good luck, enjoy it while you can.
    Lots of love xxx

  3. Whether things work out for the two of you or not, this is a huge step in the right direction for you. I'm proud of all of you for being willing to make that step together, wether you've had to coerce some of them or not. I know that it's a big, scary step (some of you are pushing him away harder the closer the date gets) and it just goes to show how serious (and understanding) he is when he doesn't let you do it. In a way, it's like you're trying to prove he's just like all the other assholes you've dated and so far, he's not. When it's all you've ever known, I don't blame you for trying. I'd do the same thing. Needless to say, I love you, I support you, and if you need me, I'm there. Without you, there is no Team Awesome. xoxo Shona