Friday, July 15, 2011

Just Another Friday Night

We wanted to post the last travel blog entry from The Other Girl, but we just don't feel like it tonight.

We also wanted to post an entry from our new guest blogger who will be contributing twice a month to our blog. She’s a mental health nurse from the UK. We’ll let her tell you all about herself when we post her entry tomorrow.

We didn't write last night because we had to go out and buy a new laptop. You'll be reading a review on Acer laptops soon (spoiler: they are the worst laptop in the world.)

This week was more rental property related stress; we'll spare you the details. And some health related stress; we'll also spare you those details.

If we said this wasn't stressing at least one of us out we'd be lying. So we won't say we're not stressed. Nervous? Not at all. Not nervous in the way that most would expect. We're nervous about having our personal space "invaded", we're nervous about having someone around us that much, from work to home, unless we ask him to leave, or we go out by ourselves for a bit...we'll have no alone time.

We wrote this week about how each of us feels about this visit, so far so good. Nobody dislikes him, so that’s a start, even though he may not feel that way. James says he’s going to write something about how he feels, coming to stay here with us, and meeting as many of us that will let him meet them. (He probably didn’t consider that he might not get to meet all of us)

So where does our biggest anxiety lay? We love alone time, we cherish alone time, we love being by ourselves and not having to answer to anyone. So. We're scared of someone seeing us as angry as some of us get, and short tempered and happens almost daily. Some people don’t mind it, Fuck Face has seen it all, he still likes us to drink with him, he even enjoys when the bitchier of us spend time with him. So we’re hoping there will be other people who like each of us down the road.

In addition our back has been in a lot of pain, which is making us extra cranky. If you haven’t read anything about our back pain today might be a good day to catch up and read about our car accident.

We’re also missing hanging out with Fabulous People outside of work once a week…

So we did a good job of decreasing the drinking last week…and we’re about to make up for that tonight.

Sorry this isn’t an inspiring, or twisted or disturbing entry. We’ll be getting back to the history of us stuff soon, and also some other writing but for now we’re exhausted beyond reason…and in all honesty, a little depressed. 

See you on the other side of the bottle.

~Frank, Catherine and Cassandra

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