Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Other Girl: A Travel Journal Part VI: Amsterdam in Photography

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How about just some pictures from Germany without words (of course you'll miss out on all the photos included in the actual journal entries, but that's your choice) - Wanna see picture of Germany click here>>>> (<- there are pictures from the Medieval Torture Museum in Rothenberg, Germany!)

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Photos From The Hash and Marijuana Museum - Amsterdam, Holland
(you can click them to make them bigger)

Views from Amsterdam, Holland


All Photography (c) 2009 Frank Ly et al 


  1. I liked the way how you have manage your blog post..It is having very less words and many photos which reflects your exciting trip memories.
    What you think about traveling to Amsterdam for 3 to 4 days?
    Can we visit all the tourist attractions as I have created an Amsterdam Trip Itinerary?

  2. I lovee Amsterdam, I've been here few times, and every vacation was such perfect as I want. I got lots inspiration in the Van Gogh Museum. And I also like the city, some tiny and comfortable places! :) Thank's for your helpful review and such awesome vacation ideas! Wish you luck! :)