Saturday, July 23, 2011

James and the Giant Peach ... Pit of Despair

All kidding aside about the title of the entry, The Father jokingly said we should call James’ visit “James and the Giant Peach”, because, we guess, of our height [5’11”] – so we figured we would do a variation for the blog entry title(s) at least once.

So, it’s been 24 hours, well, almost 36 really, and he’s still alive. We get points for that, don’t we?

When James walked out the doors of the international baggage claim we walked towards each other, stood there for a few seconds and just stared, smiled…and had our first kiss…lots of first kisses. We were surprised about how much better in 3D he was; not that he wasn’t attractive to us to start with. From behind us we heard an older gentleman reference “acting like teenagers”, and later as we stood waiting for the city bus outside the airport we really couldn’t stop hugging, kissing…touching…staring into each other’s eyes and grinning. It was amazing after 2 months and over 100 hours of Skyping, to have him standing in front us in the flesh.

He touched our cheek, “feels so much better than the computer monitor…” and he trailed off as we continued kissing. From somewhere across the street in the dark we heard a man yell “get a room!” We both giggled at our behaviour, but of course didn’t stop.

Later at a second bus stop we hugged and kissed more while waiting for a transfer bus, grinning at each other like idiots; two girls on bikes rode by, one exclaiming “Ugg…I don’t need to see that”. We giggled to ourselves because if it had been us (the Us) riding by we would have thought the same thing.

We won’t share the details of the rest of the evening; needless to say the first night did not involve a lot of sleep.

This has been a much different “dating” experience than before for us. Had we resided in the same city, or country, as James, there is no doubt the physically intimate portion of the relationship would have occurred much sooner. We have never had a man spend so much time getting to know any of us, nor us them, before moving it to that next level. It has made for a much different experience on many levels.

Friday morning we went for breakfast at a local restaurant where we ate pancakes and eggs and displayed obnoxious happy behaviour; we could have stabbed ourselves.

James on the swings at a local park
He hated this picture. Boo for him.
Later we walked a couple of miles (roughly 3.5 KM) to a local Italian grocery store where we picked up some bread, cheese and paté, along with a Basil plant that we bought to use in a pasta sauce later that night. On the way back we stopped at a small park and played on the swings and listened to James talk about…stuff…we don’t really remember. We giggled and laughed and had a wonderful afternoon outdoors walking around.

After we arrived back home we had some private time and took a nap. Then we opened our respective bottles of wine; us our usual choice of white [Michael Torino Estate Cuma Organic Torrontes from Argentina – very crisp clean and floral], and him a red [Makulu Iswithi Pionotage from South Africa – sherry sweet, started and finished well after breathing (we thought it tasted like dark cherries)] We were surprised to find out how much James actually knows about wine, holding up our glass of white “Yours has legs, and this is all we know” pointing to our glass wine and taking a sip, laughing; though truth be told our pallet can usually pick out distinctions in wine. (“legs” is an indication of how dry or sweet a wine is, and is one of those things we learned in culinary school)

While enjoying out wine we began thinking of things to do while James is visiting and got a wild idea about going to New York, which he thought is an interesting idea, we suppose. Being newly unemployed (because we got fired this past week) we have to look for a new job anyway, and given that we do not know who tipped off our local employer about our blog and our identi(ties) , we don’t know who to trust in the city. A lot of people here know our face, a lot of people here know us by The Other Girls name…we feel like we’re going to have to run again. So, it’s something we are thinking about, a trip, somewhere in the United State with James (who has never been to the U.S.A. until recently)

Over out glasses of wine we discussed with James a new idea we had for a book that might be interesting, so now we have multiple query letters to work on, and truth be told we can write query letters to literary agents, which is what the plan is for at least the next two weeks starting Monday, from anywhere. So, what better idea than take a trip to New York, rent a sublet for a couple of weeks, check it out (we’ve never been)  and maybe put in some applications (and maybe visit some followers!)

After all the discussion we set work on dinner while James messed around on the laptop. Dinner didn’t go as we had planned in the preparation department and so we improvised the pasta sauce and made what turned out to be a fairly “lovely” mushroom spaghetti sauce with fresh basil, and crimini and chanterelle mushrooms and served it with strip loin steak and baby lettuce leaf salad with cucumbers and baby carrots.

By the time we sat down to dinner we were in an “odd place”…not so much happy and it showed. We won’t talk too much about that right now, simply because we cannot describe fully what it was like, unfortunately it seemed to be noticeable – we became cold, distant and withdrawn, and laid in bed staring that the ceiling quietly while we listened to each other, because as we’ve mentioned in a previous post, we are not all sold on James…maybe sceptical is a better word for some of us (though, he is so very very lovely, and funny, and so many other things to those who really like him). Some of us are frustrated that we’ve had our space “invaded” and feel like this has disrupted our lives.

Luckily we woke up “back to normal” this morning, and so far the first few hours of the second day is going well; despite everything he still seems to like us, but like we’ve told him several times before he got here, let us know after 8 days how you feel, because that’s how long we figure it will take to change his mind about “adoring” us.

This morning is good, so far there have been leftover pancakes and soon we will work on fried eggs, lamb-veal sausages and toast for brunch…and if he’s a smart man, at some point today he will do the dishes. *wink*

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