Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Not Interesting Enough For A Title

We're planning on posting a little something about James' (@mr_jmm) first five days with us, it's almost done. It hasn't been a complete bed of roses for anyone involved, but it hasn't been too terrible...yet. It all still has that "new car" smell about it.

Yesterday was spent writing a four page account for the Human Rights board on why we feel we were discriminated against by the people who fired us at work due to mental illness. If they hadn't mentioned out Twitter account which is tied to this blog...and there was a way to even ascertain our identity without reading the contents of our conjunction with out firing we never would have concluded, just remained confused, as to the various reasons they stated they shit-canned us.

So, we have the paperwork to fill out, which shouldn't take long, it's mostly check boxes, and the four page account of our employment there, which is basically a condensed and more lucid/detailed complication of the posts we have written about getting fired.

It was a week on Monday. We still feel lost; we don't know where to even start. Luckily James used to help people with their resumes/CV as part of employment so he has told us he will help us fine-tune our resume this week. All is good and well as long as someone posts a job we can do. There are many physical labour jobs we wish we could do but with our back problems from the car accident we are unable to even withstand working in kitchens for long, and culinary arts/food related job positions are about the only ones we are eligible for, and we probably don't have enough management job experience from the last one to be eligible for a restaurant management position  and given their bullshit claims about performance we are feeling less than capable to do the job of a manager again at all.

So, all that to say that yesterday we didn't do a blog post because we spent our writing energy on that other thing, and we started a 5 day overview which should be posted today, but we have a doctor appointment across town and we figure we should probably show James something other than a small portion of the city and the inside of our apartment...we all just might go stir crazy.

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