Friday, July 8, 2011

We're dealing with the theft and destruction of our rental property - this evening we have to go file a police report because our tenant broke into our storage room and stole our great-grandmothers crystal, a video camera, and two of the paintings (that we painted) that we gone to the house to pick up yesterday.

Today our new tenant (thankfully we turned it around fast enough and got someone new in right away) contacted us and brought a pawn shop slip he had found while cleaning that has her name on it with another address in the city that is not the one connected to the lease she has with us, from last month, the month she obviously ditched out on the lease 

The new tenants are going to be awesome, hopefully. It helps we have known one of them for months and because we trust them and needed to get someone in there fast for security reasons we had to lower the rent by $300, and take a huge loss; especially considering the insurance went up by18%, as mentioned in Wednesdays post.

Sorry...we want to have something more interesting to write about but until this is taken care of our brain feels like it's on the verge of explosion...on the good side, we haven't been drinking nearly as much, too stressed to drink really. But not soon as we publish this blog entry we're going to try a new bottle of white wine we purchased at the liquor store tonight.

The new wine we are trying tonight.
Right now we can hardly processing more than 140 characters at a time in writing.

Have a great Friday night people - we're headed to the police station shortly to file our very first police report! Exciting.

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