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The Other Girl: A Travel Journal: Canada to Berlin

Yeah, this said something else until drunk us got our hands on it. We deleted it...so, you know, later sober us can just suck on a wine cork.

We were ill this morning/afternoon, but...well...Fuck Face gave us the drinking signal and even though it was a half hearted "Sure" (he ever said "That sounds like a pity agreement"
), we went out anyway, he Whatever. Who cares. owed us drinks from a couple of weeks ago anyway.

Here's a travel journal entry from The Other Girl...this is her week, or a couple of weeks, or whatever...

We're drunk. We're not gonna explain her...there is shit written all over the place here about the worthless cunt.

She, and most us, took a vacation with Significant Other (you haven't heard a lot about him...yet) back in October of 2009 for almost the entire month - hitting up places like Toronto, Germany, Amsterdam and Egypt...here is what SHE wrote about it; and thank god she did or we probably would have forgotten. If we didn't have this record all we would really remember is driving fast on the Autobahn and being sick to our stomach in Egypt from sadness and pollution (it's a poor, pollution ridden, mostly sad place...Cairo)...anyway...this is the first leg of the trip...

The only thing we did to change this was remove proper names...everything else is exactly intact and unedited...


Original blog post date: 11.09.09

Toronto to Berlin, Germany: October 5 - 8, 2009

As most of you may know [Significant Other] and I started our adventure by heading to Toronto to visit his brother, we had a great time and wished we could have been there longer but made use of the time we had.
October 5th - Monday After we landed in Toronto we went to find some food and ended up at the La Petite Dejoune (spelling may be incorrect) where I had the best Belgian waffle ever, following that we heading to the art museum, which was closed because it was Monday, so we walked around Chinatown and Kensington (the hippie district) which was a lot of walking. For dinner I made "steamed" broccoli, pasta sauce and gnocchi, [Significant Other] made baked squash, we had an enjoyable evening with [Significant Other's Brother] as he had to work the next day.
October 6th - Tuesday [Significant Other] and I had the day to ourselves so we started off by going to St Lawrence Market, which I can only describe as amazing, if I lived in Toronto I would want to live near it so I could shop there everyday. They have stalls/shops with fresh fish, meats, cheeses, produce, baked goods, little restaurants/cafes...wonderful! My luggage (biggest suitcase) decided to break that morning (zippers both broke and ripped near the metal) so I had to buy a new case - went to Bently at Eaton Center. After dropping that off at [Significant Other's Brother]  apartment we walked to CN Tower but decided not to go up b/c I wanted to wait till we could do the stuff with [Significant Other's Brother]  so we walked to Little Italy b/c I wanted a pastry and [Significant Other] figured that would be the best place. Let me just say it was a lot of walking that day and we bussed it back from there to [Significant Other's Brothers]. That night [Significant Other's Brother]  took us to Copa Cabana, a Brazilian restaurant that is just amazing, waiters circulate with huge skewers of meat, at least 12 different kids, from chicken, to pork to beef... there was almost nothing they didn't have. [Significant Other] was really thrilled with the beef stuffed and oozing cheese, lol. My favourite things were deep fried bananas, and roasted pineapple ... and the corn bread muffins that rival my own, they were unbelievable. That pretty much concluded the day for us.
October 7th - Wednesday I made us breakfast and [Significant Other]and I went walking while [Significant Other's Brother]  had an appointment, we met up afterwards and went to Bonjour Brioche for lunch - another great meal! I had a Fig, Caramelized Onion and Gorgonzola Tart with a tasty green salad and chunk of baguette. It was great, though maybe a little to much Gorgonzola for a person who isn’t a huge blue cheese fan (me). We headed back to [Significant Other's Brothers] (after [Significant Other] and I went to exchange some CND for some € at €1.00 to about 1.66 CND - not very good - that’s about 626 € for 1000 CND) - we headed to the airport and the day proceeded - we flew out a little late b/c of some winds which caused a line up for flights b/c they all had to fly out the same direction....a little over 7 1/2 hours later we landed in Zurich to wait over 4 hours to the plane to Amsterdam.
- I know you all want me to get to the good stuff (i.e. EUROPE stuff) but my computer time is almost up, [Significant Other] is bored and drinking beers and we have to be up at 6:30 am to drive to Munich - about a 6 hours drive. It's about 9pm and I want to go find some strudel! 
October 8th - Thursday The flight to Zurich was extreemly tubulant, it felt like i was on a train for half the trip (and it was a bit scary!) I didn't sleep at all on the flight despite the fact that it was late...[a friend] was right, I was probably too excited. Flying into Zurich was amazingly beautiful...breathtaking...on my list of countries to visit if I ever travel to Europe again. So green and lush and spotted with little communities, I tried to spot the Alps but I don't know how close we were.
We arrived in Zurich at about 8:30 am EST (1:30 am CST) and grabbed a bit to eat. I had a lox (salmon) sandwhich with capers and red onion on Challah bread after searching all over for something with eggs. Even Burger King didn't have eggs for breakfast! (I know I was warned but it was hard for me to believe until I got here!) [Significant Other] had beer!
The wait for on our layover was tough b/c we were tired but didn't want to sleep for fear of missing our flight but on the 2 hour flight to Amsterdam I slept almost the entire way, much needed seeing as how we (I) still had to drive to locate our rental car company. I picked a location not at the airport for financial reasons and turns out it was a good idea b/c the traffic in Amsterdam is CRAZY! Bikes and buses and cars all jammed into the streets and it didn't seem like there was too much rhyme or reason to it all. It took us awhile to get from teh airport to the train station and being exhausted and edgy didn't help. Once we got out of the city it was smooth sailing...until we hit Hannover.
The Autobauhn is crazy, fun and suprisingly easy to be on with speeds ranging from 80km to 150km, I was passed once when I hit 160km. [Significant Other] slept a bit on the way which was good b/c my driving makes him nervous sometimes (I don't blame him). I know if he was driving I would have been scared too but luckily you have to be 25 to rent a car here...one more year to go! I may have been scared too if I knew my driver was going on an hour and a half of sleep in 30 hours and after 13-14 hours of traveling already. Luckily German roads are very well maintained and built (meanwhile the road systems and signage are wack...yes, I said wack, lol) The car I am driving, an Opel Corsa, handles really well but picks up speed slow, only goes to 200km, doesn't have exhaust (don't understand this) and seems to be choking us with gas fumes inside the car about 1/3'd of the time...we can even smell the windshield washer fluid very strongly when I wash the windows...I think 'Opel' means 'Ford' in German:P
We traveled about 400km that night and ate up about 3/4 tank of gas....I have'nt worked out the milage yet but I think it's crap and at €1.30 liter (2.19 CND/liter or 7.20 USD/gal) a liter that wasn't good news.
We got lost for about two hours in Hannover trying to find our hotel in the dark ... the city was impossible (as you will hear is a running theme in our experiences) and reading my journal entry from that night I clearly did not understand that I was going to be in for more fun like that!
It was a stressful day altogether with minimal yelling and cussing by both, lol. Oh the fun that's been, but luckily [Significant Other] is the bestest boyfriend ever and is very forgiving.
That was it for the first leg....apparently it was fun. There are not any good pictures from this portion...and those of us...well, you can't see us...so you're S.O.L...

We're done with this entry.  We'll talk to ya'll tomorrow.

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