Sunday, June 26, 2011

Two Days of MIA Blog Entries and On The Subject Of Our Drinking

We've missed two days of blog entries, and it’s not because we were drinking; more on the drinking later.

First off, our laptop power cord decided to fry (this is our 4th or 5th power cord replacement in a little over a year, and our second laptop to do this to us in that amount of time). Maybe it had something to do with it being plugged in at the park all day on Friday while we sat for three and a half hours staking out the spot where our workplace was to have their “staff retreat” (roughly 2 hours of bullshit event, with some food thrown in, followed by some bocce ball and throwing a football around) because the space is "first-come-first serve", maybe the wattage in the covered picnic area there is unusually high given it's an industrial-type structure (possibly needing power for landscape purposes).

Anyway, our laptop, an Acer Aspire 5542G-1757 is a piece of ever-loving shit anyway. We've only had it for about 6 months and already the keyboard doesn't work, which means we have an external one attached. We had called tech support on it and they told us we should try backing it up and re-installing the operating system. (First, that should not have to be done in the first months of ownership, stupid POS)

Do they know how fucking long that takes?

Yeah, we don’t have that kind of time to be away from the computer but still be around it just so we can guide it through all it's stupid ass prompts.

In addition to the keyboard problem the web cam that is installed in it never works, which means we have an external one of those too.

The laptop is a piece of crap, clearly.

So Friday when we were going to write our blog entry for the day, the Acer lost all power and there was no way to turn it on; instead we had a meltdown, lay in bed, ate chocolate biscuits (cookies), cried because we were frustrated and TRIED to drink wine. In the end drinking was unsuccessful. We didn’t drink much, or get drunk on Friday night, though it may have appeared that way in Tweets.

Saturday we spent over 6 hours going to various Wal-Marts (once to purchase a “universal power adapter” and once, to a different one to return it) and a big box electrical store where we finally found a power cord that at least doesn’t beep madly when we plug it in. Of course it’s not entirely compatible (like the first one we purchased) which means we will have to return it, but last night we were not about to spend many more hours trying to get back on public transportation and back to the store in order to return the damn thing.

So Saturday was toast for writing because by the time we got the laptop powered on so we could write it was too late, we were too tired and frustrated, and though we had been drinking throughout the day, we were not drunk; we actually went for a bike ride and left the cell phone/smart phone at home. Shocking, right? That we would leave our Twitter addiction at home and go out in public for nearly two hours without a device of any sort.

This after going to talk to our cellular service provider about our piece of shit BlackBerry this last week, calmly walking up to the counter, dropping the cell (BlackBerry Torch 9800) on it and saying in a calm measured voice said, "can you tell me why this is a fucking piece of shit?" following it up by saying "It makes me want to smash it against a damn wall, and kill people". The employee took it quite well, gave us the number to tech support, told us to get it fixed we'd have to call that number for a ticket number for service and then bring it back to them to have it sent in. You can imagine how well that went over with us. We walked out the front door and muttered "fucking stupid assholes" as one of the employees drew the security cage door shut, locking up for the night. It was awesome. Really. *shakes head nooooo*

Then we called tech support and he kept interrupting us so we yelled at him to stop interrupting and "let me fucking talk". They sent us to live chat support, we're guessing so we wouldn't yell at anyone anymore.


We have a lot of new followers and perhaps some new readers here on the blog.

Somehow a few of these people think we are always drinking because our Tweets are "rude" and seemingly we are constantly in some sort of a rage.

We don’t drink at work, ever, and guess what? While we did drink this weekend, we never did get drunk. We spread out our alcohol consumption all day, so by the evening we were sober and we were not enjoying drinking much at the grocery store because our back hurt too much – though we were dancing, we love to dance.

We dance in public even when we are sober. We are angry daily, even when we are sober. We are just (about) as horny when we are sober. (sorry, The Father, we know you don’t like reading about that stuff), the only thing it depends on is who we are; because we are also sweet, and nice, and one of us is optimistic, which is a real pisser; some of us are funnier than others, wittier than others, some are way meaner, some are sadder and one in particular is highly paranoid; some are a combination of these things, and some are a concentration of these things. The thing to note is our “account” on Twitter is not always drunk, we are not always drunk – nor do we use drugs (though we have smoked weed twice this month); if you read our Timeline, and not just our public tweets, you'd get a different idea, maybe. You might be disturbed though too. We had one ex-follower say he unfollowed us because he read our timeline and said our @'s we're fucked up.

Some might think, simply judging from the mention of alcohol in our Tweets, and the nature of many of our Tweets, that we are constantly drunk or wanting to get drunk. Couldn’t be further from the truth AND it depends on what time of day you are there. We are on Twitter all day long - sure, the thought crosses our mind(s) most days, but that doesn’t mean we go home and drink and get drunk – and people who like to imbibe in alcohol probably think about having a drink during a stressful day – our days tend to be pretty stressful for us. We’re never stumbling around drunk; though last week we did sit in a park and cry drunk - but that doesn't usually happen.

This is not to say we don’t have a drinking problem. Likely a couple of us do – but the rest of us work to control it, like we do with our food intake. We have a job, we produce art, we write, we go outdoors, we bike, we are social on twitter...almost all of those things we do sober.

Anyway, we thought we should mention it because this past weekend (and couple of weeks) we’ve gotten some comments regarding our drinking, our “angry tweets” and our “rude tweets” – we’re rude and angry…NATURALLY, without alcohol, it just may be that it gets intensified at times. Not all the time, but some of the time, and we Tweet what we think - sorry if our thoughts seem drunk. ()

We’ve also been told by a few people that we are funnier when we drink – which isn’t always true. We’re funnier when the funny ones of us drink, maybe. But we are not all “funny” when we drink. So, you know, stop encouraging some of us to drink already. *wink*

Anyway, enough about that bullshit. It’s Sunday – on Sunday we work on writing and we paint, and we play music for some of our Tweeple friends, because most of us love music. Sundays is the day we set aside for these activities, in case we are in a “place” where we can work on our paintings, and in case our back feels good enough to stand and paint. We have two large ones on the go, and a smaller one that still needs to have two more canvases stretched for it (it’s a 3 panel piece).

We’ll get back to our writing this week, and try to do what we failed at last week, which was writing more about The Other Girl, our “expired” host, sharing some of her writing and generally talking about her. It was just making us too upset last week, so we hope this week will be different.

New here? What the hell is this all about, you ask? Poke around the blog, you’re free to read everything and anything on here – it is the internet after all. You can use it for learning too, as shocking as that may sound *wink*.

This past week we also wrote about getting written about, so that might be cool to read if you haven't already.

Other stuff we have written, including links to poetry, paintings and some lighter stuff we have written/created: Recommendations - Weeded From Our ... Feeded?

Some of our blog entries are way better than this. Promise.


  1. I know I’m fast, but not at reading. I have ability to skim through data quickly and pick out the finer points. Reading is a whole different thing.
    A couple things I need to say.
    I do glance at yours and other’s TL from time to time. Mainly to see if your ok and, alive ;^)
    You reminded me of incident, maybe 2 weeks ago in a Taco Bell that I thought about tweeting about, then thought, I don’t want them thinking I’m a nutjob. Let’s say I wasn’t happy about the menus, inside, and all they show are tacos and burritos. And I think we all know what they look like. How about showing the other things I don’t know.

    I digress, where was I. ** Never really believed you were drinking as much as you said. And lastly, you could use a bootable flash drive or something like that. It will tell you if you have a hard or soft problem.
    PS, printing was handy. I could make notes on it. and, highlighted something at end when I finished reading back at work.

  2. I said my piece about your drinking when you asked in a post a few weeks back. Don't think it needs repeating. You're a big girl, holding a job, paying your bills, blah blah... you know what's going on in your life better than anyone reading a TL.
    I also believe that you're well aware of the fleeting helpfulness of any coping tool and that anyone who doesn't understand the delicate balancing act that is functioning with DID has no place judging you or your drinking. It's not necessary to get sanctimonious or follow through on the self-interested need to tell you of their disapproval... They are the only ones responsible to simply choose to read or not and STFU about it.
    I'm not always comfortable with what you tweet but I'd rather you be real than bullshit for the approval of strangers. You don't owe anyone an explanation.

  3. Sometimes we love you and are so thankful for meeting you we could cry, and do; and it's not just because of the alcohol *giggle**wipes tears away*

    It's all so ... difficult.