Saturday, June 4, 2011

We Write About Writing

We’re not sure what to write about today. We actually had a dream about a blog entry and when we woke up and realized we hadn’t written it…man, were we sad. Sometimes we don’t want to write, but I made the rule, so …go figure.

I created the rule (I create all the rules) and when I am fully in charge it’s about the only time rules get followed; except yesterday when we went for drinks with Fuck Face. Yeah, yeah…don’t look at us like that. I hadn’t seen him in awhile. (who is Fuck Face? Read The Fuck Face - Our Mistress "Love" Story somewhere over on the left - it's a story in itself...*sigh*)

It was a nice time drinking with Fuck Face. We were fine. We behaved, he behaved. It was all good. We miss each other and with each drink it became like old times, which isn’t so good – because there was a lot of flirting and reminiscing. He knows better than to mess with us though. We hold the cards to his wife knowing the one thing that he didn’t tell her the truth about. He didn’t tell her that we work with him, that we are his employee. He told her we were a “volunteer” at our place of employment. He blushed when he told us that. Don’t fixate on it, we think it’s funny he tells us the truth (yes, we know some of you don’t think he has been telling us the truth), and not her; but in a "you're a fucking idiot and why do we love you *swoon* we're dumb" sorta way.

As we sat there at the pub, our regular place to go with him (but not our regular neighbourhood pub where we usually do all our tweeting from when we go out to drink somewhere instead of the grocery store, video store and street), and proceeded with our second drinks, he promised he wouldn’t be a dick and lead us down any back alleys and try to tempt us this time, like the last time we had been drinking post-"breakup".

However, by the time we left the place we were ready to lead him down some alleys, but we know better – even though some of us already torture him by sending him teasing messages, those of sexual reference. Emmie posts all sorts of dirty stuff on our Facebook wall that only he can see, stuff about taking us over the desks around work and things of that nature; then next thing you know Melody and Catherine will post things like “we don’t want to be your friend”, and “you’re not that great anyway.” And “actually kinda makes our stomach ill that we were just talking to you like friends do...”. Catherine is liking him less these days.

So whatever, we had drinks, we had a good time and there were no tears yesterday; and we had a great drunk walk home with our paper bag wrapped canned drink. Hot hobo anyone?

Someone asked us in a DM (Direct Message on Twitter - private message for those readers not familiar with Twitter) recently how to tell who is writing when we write, because some of think it’s hard to tell the difference between us…actually we get asked that a lot, how to tell. We never thought about it until recently because obviously we can tell who wrote what in our blog, and in our Tweets, and at the end of the day we enjoy entertaining you, but this is all (Blog and Twitter account) really here first and foremost for our benefit.

Some of our long time followers on Twitter, meaning those who have been following for a couple of months, can tell who is who in some of the things we write, the way we “say” it; and of course most people who have read our mapping project can kind of pick up on each of us because they “know” us a little.

My (Frank) rule is that we are all required to write something here in the blog every day, even if it’s just a picture, a video clip we’ve found, there has to be something. Some days more than one post ends up here, it just depends on how many people end up “driving the vehicle”(host/executive) and “being passenger”(sharing co-consciousness), and if they each have something they need to say or notes they need to leave for the rest of us.

When "I" ends up being used a lot then the person writing about their self is required to put their name at the bottom of the entry and tag it; that’s mostly for our readers though, to make things a little less confusing, and if they like one of us better, then they can just read the posts by that person.

We are trying to make sure that everyone gets credit for their writing and their feelings.

When I write it’s usually signed “et al” which mean “and others”. The others are not required to include each other in their post credits unless they are writing together and use some shared philosophy or ideas. Just like if you and a friend wrote a paper together using a combination of your thoughts and ideas.

This is confusing, we know, and if you just landed here today and this is the first of our writing you have read you’re probably more confused than the rest of our readers and friends.

That was all just our fancy way to explain how to tell who is writing each entry. When it comes to us on Twitter….just like in real life, sometimes it’s hard to tell, because we all have similar characteristics, but some of us have stronger ones than others. It’s hard to convince people we are all just like regular people…we just happen to share a body.

If you’re new here, we recommend reading some other stuff around this blog (or one of our other three). Most recently we did a “Who We Are” post that explains a little to our newest followers, now that Mental Health Month is over and we plan to do less writing about our illness and more fun stuff:

We’re thinking of doing another post about Twitter and #TeamAwesome for tomorrow, it’s been about a month since we did one of those. Not sure. We’ll see what happens. We have some ideas on stuff to write, it just takes less Twitter and less drinking to get it done.

In any case, we hope you have an enjoyable weekend. We’re sorry if this post bored you. Check out our Recommendation page if you want more interesting reading that we’ve done (tab is at the top of this page). We plan to get a painting done this weekend, as long as the one who enjoys that sticks around, without her the painting don't turn out that great; so hopefully soon we can share one of those with you.

~Frank et al

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