Monday, June 6, 2011

Recipe For Disaster: Just Add Gin

Tell you what sadness is...besides most of everything about our life always.

Having to tell the woman you all once loved (Partner In Crime), the only friend salvaged from the disaster of your entire life, that after she broke your heart you slept with her husband.

We are just the most terrible people in the world.

Coupled with Fuck Face telling us that nobody wants to be with the crazy girl, they only want to fuck her...and an assortment of other things about men in general, and their natures....all of things most of us know/understand, but some of us try to keep from the others, lest we ruin our chances entirely of eventually being in some sort a relationship with a man we all love and trust...and don't think is a complete dog...

Just add gin.

That's what we call a recipe for disaster.

Another failed entry by Us.

 ~Frank et al (but a lot less Frank than there should be)

P.S. more to come on the story about Partner In Crime

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  1. You are not terrible. I refuse to believe that. Everyone makes mistakes, or choices they wish they had done otherwise. Perhaps he sees you as "The crazy girl" but that isn't how everyone sees you.