Sunday, June 5, 2011

Something That Makes Us Laugh

We've been distracted all day with all sorts of stuff, (okay, so we've discovered the wonders of Skyping with people) but we have been trying to come up with ideas for writing topics for those days we aren't using this blog to discuss and/or share mental health information, and stories about our lives - mostly because concentrating on that all the time really takes it's toll on us.

So far one of the newer ideas we are considering is something we had a dream about the other day, the day we woke up and had dreamed that we had already written our blog post for the day.

We remember what the blog post was about, the one in our dream, and now we are considering it as an idea for a  post once a week. (if we can ever stick to any sort of topic schedule, which so far we have not been able to do…what can we say, we are hard to organize)

We are thinking of doing a recap of what has happened on Twitter; because that's what the post was about in our dream. It really shouldn't surprise anyone that when we dream it is sometimes about Twitter. After all, we wake up with Twitter, we eat with Twitter, we go to bed gripping Twitter in our hand; we are dating Twitter. 

Boy, it would be nice if we could go to sleep gripping something else in our hand...but we digress.

So, back to that...A Twitter Report is what our newest idea is, to give us one more ways to keep us at writing on this blog – everyone needs something to write about it, and one of use things it would be interesting to try being a Twitter journalist. (She’s totally “lame”, and 15, so….don’t be too hard on her)

If we had decided to do one for today the topics would include mentioning last week’s high profile Twittercides, and what we thought about that; and that shit with @ThatGabi...that we missed, but it had everyone in a tizzy nad caused us to scout around for the story when we saw it repeat through our Timeline.

(Meanwhile, @ThatGabi...if you're reading, and you've gotten our messages, we're serious...we want to interview you – we’ve only gotten a little of the story about why you did what you did from reading your Timeline!)

We'd also recap world events as trended and seen through the eyes of tweeps on Twitter, highlighting some of the better tweets we saw, etc. – one of us figures that if anything this will help US keep up with what the hell is going on in the fleshie world (because she misses knowing what’s going on).

Because most of us think things are better for us are in the world of Twitter, and it’s different there than in the fleshie world, it makes us want to write about it, and the people in that world, even if some of them are not real, the person at the other end of the account is real.

In Twitterworld….the wars are smaller, there are almost no casualties, and they last less time (they also cost the tax payers nothing – aside from some sanity!), the weather is almost always nice, and people are mostly happy. It’s utopia - for those of us who choose to stay indoors a lot, (or even those who can take their Twitter addiction with them into the outdoors).

We've talked about the many reasons people are on Twitter, we've talked about our own, from what we've seen on Twitter these universal issues might include mental illness, family struggles, and/or life changes such as physical illness and job loss. Of course some are just there to be entertained, to create entertainment and/or amuse themselves.

We know some people take Twitter far less seriously, those are the people who aren't there enough to make friends and connections with amazing people all over the world, who probably have a great life full of no struggle and the sun always shines; those are the people we are glad don’t “get” Twitter. It's called social networking for a reason, and some people create relationships on Twitter with people that they would be more willing to defend than their own family members.

Blah. This was supposed to be about things that make us laugh

Speaking of things that make us laugh, this week’s newest #TeamAwesome members were:
@skankpassion @mermaid_tale @ChucksBitch @redpawn3 @doingithomeless @yourzipper @ACDClvr @SadisticG @so_not_blonde @tamytoo2 @Shivordan - if you're on twitter you should follow this list to find some pretty interesting, nice, unique, funny, and entertaining people - it really is a potpourri of many personality types, that appeal to many of ours.

We've done posts about #TeamAwesome, about who they are, why they are...and on #FF Fridays they are the only accounts we promo, they represent less than 6% our follows, it used to be 7% but we decided to change it, if only because it's an entire day of #FFing for us sometimes. If you want to know more about them just root around our blog. We’ll probably be doing another post about how much we appreciate them again soon though, so you can probably just wait for that.

We hope everyone had a good weekend, and as usual you can read some of our other writing (Recommendations), everything on this blog is yours for the reading...but not for the taking. This is our life, if it's gonna be taken, it's going to be by one of us.
Yeeeks....that sounds morbid.
Anyway, here's something that makes us laugh - we love Kids In The Hall...they are good Canadian humour, and we do love Canada....enjoy.

P.S. The Fuck Face update will be coming, not much new on that...yet. We'll continue to stalk him this week; we are all about torturing him now...

~Frank et al

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