Saturday, June 11, 2011

'Untitled Vision A' - A Painting

We've been working on this painting for awhile. It spent a lot of time on the easel waiting for the next step and the more we looked at it the more it told us that it was complete.

So, our newest painting is today's blog post. Nothing you have to read. But if you were looking for something to read we recommend
Recommendations - Weeded From Our ... Feeded? - it's a page of some of our better writing, some things that talk about who we are, some things that we have opinions on, some things about mental health and a really funny story we wrote with a friend call The Tale of the Barbie Massacre complete with pictures and everything. There is also a butt loads of other things to read around here, just look to the left..tons of links there. And if we're not your cup of tea, so to speak, to the right there are lots of blogs from people we've ran into around Twitter.

It's nice out, we want to go and play in the sun sometime today, and we want to paint this weekend, which means we're not going to be writing anything heavy. It's a good time, if you're new here, or if you've fallen behind and you are actually interested in reading us, to read stuff and catch up. Unless it's nice out where you live - then you should bookmark this page, go outside and do something, and come back when the weather is not so nice.
Untitled Vision A
16 x 16
Acrylic on Canvas
More of our Art/Poetry:
There is also more of our artwork here: (we'll be moving it to a new location soon)
and some of our photography here:
..and because who doesn't love a little Otis...Happy Saturday ;-)

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