Friday, March 4, 2011

Saviour: A Painting

30 x 36
Acrylic on Canvas

Artists Statement:
Saviour is a depiction of Our adult life, which represents a 15 to 16 year period. The serpentine flow of colour and shape portrays movement and represents flow of life, corresponding with a journey to resolution. 

The additions of ribbons of blue through the background signify male companionship throughout Frank’s life. The purple signifies admiration and high regard for positive female influence. 

The red and orange branches of the painting represent Us and Our entire life; the orange tone through the first branch indicates the personality that no longer exists, part of us commonly referred to in writing as The Other Girl; the red represent our second personality, commonly referred to as Bitch; the gold signifies Franks personality, and represents strength. The coils of the branches epitomize mortality.

The first division of Our life, in the lower right quadrant, shows Frank’s departure and is indicative of the life that The Other Girl lived; the gap in the division represents a 7 year time span. 

Some of the gold departs from the canvas, disappearing as the branches come together in a whirlwind of colour, embodying Franks arrival in Our life with a small loss. This depiction corresponds with a two year period following mental and emotional abuse in Our adult life (stories coming...soon), succeeded by chaos, pain, struggle and growth; concluding with a dormant period of Franks personality for 7 more years, as the red splits and the gold bulges, induced by a physically traumatic event. 

The continuation of Our branch, following the whirlwind of chaos, portrays the introduction of strength, represented by gold, and appears from the outside. The gold “orb”, the symbol we use to show ultimate male virility, ventures from its own branch, while maintaining some hold, symbolizing strength and bravery, which defines Franks Saviour.

The Evolution of Saviour in Four Parts 


  1. An EXACT depiction of what you'll see in your toilet bowl after eating undercooked pork the day before. Yeah, it says anonymous but we all know who I am.

  2. We really don't...please, enlighten us.