Friday, March 4, 2011

Bitch Writes About Our Good Mood

Today has been a fantastic day, and so was yesterday as a matter of fact. Frank and I are getting into Our groove of life together, after revealing to the world our darkest secret: Each Other; we’re buckling down at work thanks to Frank; and finding true friends, friends who will stood by Us in moments of pure madness, and at least tried to understand, while we bawled, screamed and sobbed uncontrollably, on our apartment floor, begging them not to call The Doctors.

We figure our upbeat demeanour can be contributed, also, to the final acceptance, and the mourning of the loss of The Other Girl, after disposing of her almost a month ago now. I took it pretty hard at first, I was confused over ALL the reasons Frank came back to Us (other than my tattling), and the exact reasons Frank had to killed The Other Girl (she didn't go on a vacation, we're never going to hear from her again). I understand now.

All of these things are probably contributing to Our upbeat mood. Be warned, however, that We are still the same angry person that we had been trying to suppress; We are just learning how to deal with Our anger, releasing what we can of it, and making a plan to stay together for the rest of our life. I don’t want to lose Frank again.

Those first couple weeks, after The Other Girl was gone, were rough. So rough. Painful. It probably had a lot to do with guilt because I was the one who alerted Frank, around December 2009/January of 2010, and my guilt for "tattling" caused us to fight a lot, and when you can’t get away from the person you are fighting with, it’s miserable.

You see, I was watching The Other Girl and people weren’t being nice to her…again, people were lying to her…again, and she was letting them walk all over her…again. The problems were increasing, and I could see people weren’t taking her seriously, or be able to help her…again; just like when We were younger, and just like when We were married, which was the last time she had to come to our rescue, and when she tried to stick around.

We spent quite a few years together before Frank tragically left Us, albeit she’s spent almost the last year trying to get back to Us, but The Other Girl made it really difficult; and I was not helpful because The Other Girl didn’t make us deal with all the pain from Our life like Frank wanted us to do; instead TOG took us out partying, and drinking, and after we broke up with Significant Other at the end of August last year, she took Us on a whirlwind tour of dating men who were not the kind of men Frank appreciated, or really would give the time of day to – Frank has a clear type, something we’ll talk about another day.

Frank was rousing from her sleep, making The Other Girl write, almost unsuccessfully, when she noticed all the increase in destructive behaviour that was taking place around Us; it was turning into a complete disaster. Thankfully TOG, in all her destructive, childish behaviour (she was a damn air head, if you ask Us), managed to capture the attention of one FaNtAstic person. Frank was intrigued, FNA fit her type almost exactly, and she knew she was going to need him, somehow, to make her final leap.

The final emergence of Frank, where she burst out completely, strong and screaming, and took over everything; not just The Blog, but also making The Other Girl stop smoking cigarettes and be healthy again, and forcing her to end Our relationship with Standby, can be contributed to one afternoon. We are not at liberty to discuss this significant day in Our life just yet, but We know that one day we will.

In any case, Franks a lot happier with me now. We are pretty happy together actually. We realize there are going to be bumps in the road ahead. Probably more than we can imagine, but at least we have the some people around Us, Fabulous People who were there every step of the way in the final months of The Other Girls life, and the beginning of Ours, who know Us for who we are now, and can appreciate why We are.

Frank doesn't let me write on my own very often, most recently it was because she was just too miserable about FNA; though she did let us write our most recent Artist Statement, for our new painting, Saviour - that was fun. I hope Frank let's me write a little more often, now that she's happy with me, and we hope you liked this entry, and our Artists Statement, if you get around to reading that.

~Bitch/Bethany (we changed my name, and separated the rest of us!)

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