Monday, March 28, 2011

Our Bleeding Heart And @NickSilly To Our Rescue.

We had a partial entry ready for today, ironically it's about how men have mistreated us, and The Other Girl, over the years; we don't know if we have the strength to finish it properly tonight, our broken heart is bleeding profusely after a mostly wonderful, magical, afternoon with the man that we love, that we only have a few short weeks left with. Our FNA.

We got one of our #TeamAwesome members (follow our list if you aren't already - these are crazy cool people)@nickysilly to make us a cooking video. He may not know what he's talking about (p.s. a boiled egg is not actually boiled...we'll talk about that in another post) but he's cute, and sweet...and you should buy stuff on using this link:-> and support him, because he's tops in our books; and he should be tops in yours too.

Thanks Nicky, for helping us out on a day when we needed it <3; we are forever grateful we can count on you once and awhile:)


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We'll see you on Twitter.

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