Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hell Ride: A Film Review

Bare with us, this is our first film review.  

We love movies, all kinds of them. We love dirty ones too, with blood, foul language, sex and violence; we also like chick flicks but, shhhhhh don't tell anyone that! We are not really into dramas/personal tragedy, clearly our life has been enough of personal tragedy.

Last night (Monday), laying in bed...sobbing because we got a letter in the mail (can you believe it - a letter, in the mail...not e-mail!) from The Father, telling us that he loves us, and that he is sorry for not being the kind of Father we needed him to be over the years; and also that he is happy we are writing because he understands that this is how we are going to heal, because therapy has never worked for us. Traditional therapy doesn't work for everyone, that's why there is Art and Writing Therapy or Person-centered Expressive Arts Therapy. [Additional resource: Art, Music, and Writing - Therapy of the Future]

We were also sad after having drinks with The Jeans because he reminds us of how much we miss our dear FNA. 

So with all this going on, and trying to process the days events, we turned to our film library. The Other Girl had done a bang up job of "procuring" countless films...100's of them actaully. So, we lay there on the bed, watching our Twitter feeds, wishing we could jump in and play with our Twitter friends, but being too "beside our self" to have much to say; so we opted for watching a movie.

Opening up the file, the title Hell Ride jumped out at us; if only because those two words are so indicative of our life this past year...and lately "hell" is a metaphor for our life. We didn't really know what it was about, we were simply intrigued by the title.

It didn't take long for us to realize that even though he had not directed or wrote the movie, Quentin Tarintono had a hand in the making of this film; some sort of influence anyway (Producer?). The cinematography had all the taste of the bitter bloody juiciness of a Quentin Tarantino creation.

We remember the first Tarantino film we can recall seeing, called From Dusk Till Dawn. We did not know what it was about, we just went about watching the film, much like this time. From Dusk Till Dawn was amazing. If you haven't seen it, watch it; but only if you like these types of movies. Don't look up any information about it either, it makes for a better tale spin when you reach pivotal points that make you sit back and say, "What...the...fuck." Mr. Toads Wild Ride. That movie was the beginning of our love affair with Tarantinos films.

Hell Ride.

Hell Ride, is a 2008 film written by, directed by, and starring Larry Bishop. It opens with a compelling black and white desert scene, a hot spicy number, and a man with an arrow sticking out of his chest in the middle of the dessert.

"Fucking arrow. Fucking arrow in a fucking desert. It's a nihilist dream come true." ~ Pistolero

It's got all the feel of a graphic novel film and a spaghetti western (think Sergio Leone's The Good, The Bad and The Ugly; Fist Full of Dollars; and A Few Dollars More); but on wicked cycles, instead of four legged steeds. It does, however, lack the follow through of the amazing writing that is characteristic of Tarantino - but still, not too shabby.

The acting is gritty, raw and sparkles with performances from great actors such as Dennis Hopper and Michael Madson. 

What else to say, without creating a spoiler. Oh, listen for talk of fire...brilliant bit of play on words scattered throughout.

We'd recommend it, that's for sure. The writing might not be up to the standards set by Tarantino, but Bishop isn't Tarantino; however, it's a reasonable facsimile if your looking for a placebo fix in between Tarantino releases.

Other similar action/bloody films we like:
- Way of the Gun
- Natural Born Killers
- From Dusk Till Dawn ... Actually anything Tarentino 
- Once Upon A Time In Mexico
- Saw (but only the first one)
- Silence of the Lambs (and the Hannibal, the brain scene)

We realize we have only touched on a few of the thousands of bloody action films with our stubby  little list, there are a lot more out there for us to discover, and generally we like to watch these genres of films with friends who enjoy them too; and we like to watch the girly movies, chick flicks, on our own, in shame, with the lights turned out.

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